What To Pour Down Drain to Kill Roaches

What to pour down drain to kill roaches. No need to worry if you see a roach in the bathroom or kitchen sinks right now.

Stop running back and forth to the store trying to find an easy solution because we have the remedy right here.

We will discuss three simple methods that prevent these types of pests from invading your home (and those stupid flytraps don’t work!).

Using these methods, not only do they kill the roaches, but they prevent them from breeding and spreading pesticide-resistant superbugs that are devastating to humans.

So relax, we promise that in no time, you’ll achieve peace of mind about this very common household problem for good.

What To Pour Down Drain to Kill Roaches

kill the roaches in  drain

Pour half a cup of bleach down the drains in your bathroom and other areas of the house to help remove build-ups from hair, soap scum, and other filth that accumulates over time.

To avoid damaging your pipes, just add bleach to your sinks and baths for a maximum of 20 minutes.

1. Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar make an effective solution to roach infestations in the drains. Just mix equal amounts of baking soda and white vinegar in a cup, and stir the mix well until it is dissolved.

Pour the liquid down your drain, allowing it to sit no longer than 5 minutes before pouring in more hot water as a final blow to eliminate all of the roaches that you weren’t able to catch.

2. Pour Bleach

Bleach is an excellent disinfectant and will work equally well on bugs and pests like roaches.

Pouring a little bit of Bleach down your drain every once in a while can help stave off any unwanted guests for the foreseeable future so long as you leave it there for a good 20 minutes or so before flushing it out with plain water.

The bacteria in Bleach kill these vermin by creating a deposit on their exoskeletons which prevents them from breathing properly. Thus, they suffocate to death overtime.

Bleach is highly corrosive, and it damages drain pipes. Many people believe that pouring Bleach into the drains will unclog them and help get rid of the scum.

But in reality, all you’re doing is killing any bugs or germs down there because bleach is a disinfectant and cleaner.

Throwing down Bleach isn’t good for your drainpipe because eventually, the Bleach will corrode your pipes and cause more problems than you have now!

Save yourself time and money by calling a plumber to handle anything serious that may occur in your home’s sewer systems.

3. Ammonia and Hot Water

ammonia and hot water to kill the roaches

As a roach killer, ammonia does not discriminate, and it kills roaches of all varieties without fail.

Mix it with water in the same ratio as you would use to fill your dishwasher with soap and warm water (one cup of ammonia to one gallon).

Pour the concoction into clogged drains and problem areas where they seem to be congregating. For kitchen sinks, mix one tablespoon in each drain cleaner compartment like those used for cleaners in the washing machine.

Add some hot soapy water to wash away any remaining residual oils that are attracting them to your home.

An anti-roach drain protector like Gentrol can help reduce the likelihood of these unpleasant pests from entering through any potential holes or cracks by plugging up a place in your pipes.

As well as suctioning bad smells out before they enter your home through drains or vents, adding an extra layer of protection as if you needed it.

What Can You Do to Stop Roaches from Coming up The Drains?

Keeping the drains clear is one of the best ways to make your house less vulnerable to roaches. Using a stopper placed into the drain is one of the most effective methods, and you can get it at any hardware store in Jerusalem, Israel.

Many people find that creating a peppermint spray keeps roaches out as well, so they make sure they have plenty of peppermint essential oil near their home’s drains.

Spray it directly onto the faucet drip once every few weeks or more frequently, depending on the number of roaches in your area. This mixture takes only ten minutes to make, and you need only a few basic ingredients.

Can you pour borax down the drain to kill roaches?

Sprinkle some cinnamon in the drain. The next time you’re thinking of putting boric acid down your drain to get rid of those pesky roaches, don’t.

Spilling boric acid down a drain doesn’t work as quickly as one might like. And if this happens – what’s even more frustrating is that within 72 hours, the roaches might not have even ingested very much of it!

Instead, we recommend using ammonia, bleach, baking soda, and vinegar together to wash away all these unwanted visitors from your kitchen sink without having to fiddle around with any suspicious chemicals.


What to pour down drain to kill roaches. Pouring a bleach mixture and warm water, vinegar, baking, ammonia, and hot water gets in the drain. This guide reveals how to get rid of roaches that are in gutters.

There are also steps on how to use these drain roach killers. Remember, sightings of cockroaches in the bathroom and kitchen can be because there are roaches in the drains, and clogged drains also draw bugs to them.

To minimize cockroach sightings, it’s always a good idea to clean your gutters often. But when you see cockroaches near your drains, it can mean there are more roaches in your home as well! To stop a roach infestation from happening, read our tips for preventing a roach infestation here.

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