What Does it Mean if You Hear An Owl

What does it mean if you hear an owl? In most cultures and traditions, hearing an owl hoot is associated with a bad omen and is believed to be a sign of darkness or evil since ancient times.

Owls’ haunting calls are usually credited to them wanting to claim their territory or wishing to announce the possibility of predators being nearby to warn other owls in general.

Spiritually speaking, hearing an owl scream is a sign that you need to set your energetic boundaries so as not to be swayed by toxic people in your life like those whose intentions might not be in your best interests (or even their own).

What Does it Mean if You Hear an Owl

spiritual beliefs about when you hear an owl

Many cultures have superstitions about the owl. It is believed, for instance, that to hear one meowing or hooting during daytime is a sign of bad luck.

If a person were to see an owl sitting on the side of a building during days when it’s not considered lucky to do so, the person will see imminent or constant misfortune.

Owl Spiritual Significance in Different Religions and Cultures

Owls occur nearly everywhere in the world except for Antarctica.

Owls are associated with the spirit world and possess prophetic abilities and evil due to the astonishing ability to see at night.

The numerous interpretations of owl hoots by religions and cultures may have formed our current understanding of their supernatural powers and a minor role in spirituality.

Different interpretive associations developed by different cultures include.


The Greek goddess of knowledge, Athena, is associated with owls.

According to Greek mythology, seeing an owl at nighttime means good things for your future, and the owl is also a mythical warrior and protector.


An owl has always been synonymous with death and ill omens when it comes to Romans. This feathered breed dates way back to Egypt but was used frequently in Ancient Rome.

For example, people believed that the occurrences of bad weather were due to evil spirits in the form of owls fluttering above the roofs of their homes.

The presence of owls living in a specific home was a precursor to someone’s demise! There is also this saying: “Seeing an owl or hearing a screech at night makes one believe they know all the host’s secrets.”

Native Americans

The owl has meant many things to many different cultures, including death and bad luck. This may be due to the owl’s nocturnal ways of hunting and sage-like coloring, akin to that of a ghost or shadow.

Some tribes said that owls were associated with the supernatural, which may explain why some people are scared of them in the first place!

Overall, we’re more inclined to think that people are afraid of something scary and unfamiliar rather than being scared about anything supernatural.


Owls are also considered to be bad omens by the Arabs. It may seem strange, but it’s true. Owls have had a long history of being thought of as carriers of evil spirits in some parts of the world.

Even today, people are still a bit skittish when there’s an owl close by because they believe that the late hours this bird typically keeps have something to do with its association with ghosts, demons, and other nefarious happenings.


The ancient Chinese had a superstition that owls were indicators of death.

Whenever they heard an owl’s cries, the ancient Chinese would begin digging a grave in preparation for a funeral.


The number of hoots an owl lets out indicates the Indians’ perception of the owl’s hoot. Since a single hoot conveys the message of death.

Fwo hoots mean that you have succeeded in your endeavors; three hoots imply an impending marriage for one family member; four hoots warn against breaking a taboo five means travel is imminent.

What does it mean when you hear an owl during the day?

Owls are known to be creatures of the night, so it’s rare to hear their hoots during the day.

But if you happen to hear one during daylight, this could mean there is some good news coming your way and even a sign of enlightenment in your future.

But an owl’s hoot might also serve as a wake-up call – a way of telling you that it’s time for you to change your perspective on things, whether that means making better life choices or getting yourself ready for transformation in and around you.

What does it mean when an owl hoots in a dream?

In some cultures, the hoot of an owl symbolizes death and foreboding. If you dream that you hear an owl hooting as it flits through trees, an inheritance may be coming to you.

On the other hand, if it flew to an open window and frightened you’re while you were asleep in bed, people will begin talking about your current predicaments involving money, health, or work.

Does owl symbolize death?

Owls have long been seen as a symbol of death and gloom in North America. They have been associated with evil because of their ability to creep around the dead of night, hunting for small and large prey.

While it’s not true that these birds like to kill people, they are incredibly stealthy creatures who can be pretty frightening when they hunt together or swoop down on you while you’re sitting outside under the sun.


What does it mean if you hear an owl. Some people take owls hooting as a natural part of their lives, which could be used to mark territories, attract mates, or warn about incoming predators.

Spiritually speaking, when you hear an owl hooting back in the trees, it is more than likely a sign that there are harmful energies or people around you and that you need to put up your guard and power.

However, the symbolism of the owl may vary depending on culture and religion.

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