types of dining room chairs
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Types of dining room chairs

Types of dining room chairs. Dining room chairs are different from other chairs in that they are mainly used for particular kinds of meals.

Therefore it’s essential to choose dining room chair furniture which is durable, comfortable, and most importantly, suitable for the type of meal being enjoyed.

Learn about the main characteristics that define the different variations of dining room chairs here.

Types of dining room chairs

Types Of Dining Room Chairs 2022 ideas

Think about which style you want your furniture to be. You may want classic pieces or something more modern or rustic.

Each one can create a distinct vibe, and there are also ways to switch multiple types of chairs together for a more cohesive look.

In this article, we’ll get into all of the different possible combinations of traditional and contemporary elements.

Side Chair

dining room side chairs

A side chair is commonly known as a chair that traditionally sits along the sides of a dining table. It shares the same design as an armchair, so it does not have armrests.

Because of this, there is a general perception amongst most homeowners, which may mean that they will find it challenging to slide too far away from the surface.

However, in more casual settings where people do not care if they can use their hands or arms to help them get in or out of a particular piece of furniture.

You will see that side chairs are used all around the table in addition to just its sides sometimes.


dining room arm chairs

An armchair is a type of dining chair that benefits from the addition of armrests that allow users to sit back comfortably and position their arms on the backrest instead of leaning forward with elbows on the table.

Traditionally, armchairs are placed at the head of a formal dining table.

A bonus noted by many who use them is that they give the room an airier feel – as if there’s more space between you and your guests than in traditional chairs.

This comes in handy when you’re serving dinner during family gatherings, for example.

When deciding whether or not an armchair is suitable for your dining room, you must pay attention to its height so that it will slide under the table when not in use—speaking about furniture for the home.

Parsons Chair

dining room parsons chair

Parsons Chairs are also known as counter stools and are flat-backed, straight-legged chairs that were initially created to be used in cafes and restaurants, according to the New York Times.

They typically have no armrests, but some have built-in stable arms. Parsons chairs usually have 4 legs made of either wood or metal and are often put on a small square or rectangular platform.

These chairs are not just for the home kitchen; they were designed to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing!

The Parsons chair was named after the famed American architect and artist Charles Howard Chandler Parsons, who popularized the sleek style during his lifetime between 1855 – 1934.

Splat Back Chair

dining room splat back chair

“Splat back” refers to the vertically-placed, central column on the back of these modern dining chairs.

The phrase “splat” refers to its origins as a mostly-English design usually constructed with a gothic Victorian aesthetic when made from wood and often had a carved ornamental top where splats were cut onto the piece of furniture.

The more modern tables are usually made from steel and are standard indoor/outdoor wooden decks or patios because of their lightweight nature.

If you want brand new dining chair furniture with an industrial look and feel that is simple enough to clean by just quickly wiping it down or easily hose-down dirty areas without worrying about doing any damage, this iconic design would make for an ideal option for your home.

Wishbone Chair

dining room wishbone chair

Wishbone dining chairs are a warm, functional way to furnish your dining area.

All wishbone chairs are made with the same iconic design by Danish designer Hans Wegner and feature an elegant, curved frame forming a wishbone shape on the back.

These chairs can be upholstered in leather or other fabrics and will look great as part of an eclectic-styled table setting or next to each other in a solid color around similarly designed bistro tables.

They also look beautiful when paired with rustic wooden dining tables for a more contemporary look.

Plastic Molded

dining room plastic molded chair

Dining room chairs should be stylish but practical at the same time.

We love using dining chairs that are molded from plastic because they are light and airy, yet the solid colorful seats make them easy to maintain and clean.

Bamboo dining room furniture with metal or wood legs is handy in households with children because they can easily wipe these chairs out.

These chairs look great in homes with a minimalist or modern style because they have simple lines.

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