tiny bugs with pincers in front
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Tiny Bugs With Pincers In Front

Tiny bugs with pincers in front. A pseudoscorpion is a tiny insect which has two pincer-like appendages at the front of its body.

These look like claws and thus if you were to glance at a pseudoscorpion, it would seem that it looks a lot like a scorpion or even a spider.

In truth however, pseudoscorpions are quite harmless and they don’t hurt anyone because they lack venom to deliver any toxic bite.

Pseudoscorpions enter your bathroom when there are cracks in your home’s foundation or perhaps it finds its way in via other pathways into the house like through the HVAC system or crawlspaces.

It lodging itself in inaccessible areas where no one can get rid of them – but the good news is that these insects aren’t dangerous for human beings so there’s nothing for you to be worried about!

We just wanted to shed some light on these strange little creatures you might find in your bathroom from time to time.

Tiny Bugs With Pincers In Front


Pseudoscorpions are arachnids. They belong to the family of spiders, ticks, mites and scorpions. So it’s common these guys will be climbing around your yard or on your garden during the warmer seasons.

When winter hits, they’ll hide out in a little cocoon-like sac they’ll use as an overwintering shelter that they spin for themselves during increasingly chilly months.

Pseudoscorpions have pincers in the front – just like crabs or lobsters have pincers up front. Unlike scorpions though, their venomous stinger is not located behind them at their back but instead near the center of their belly.

Unlike scorpions which have theirs located closer to the tail tip at their rear end of their body shell; just like spider’s fangs are located respectively where fangs are at most spiders’ mouths.

How do pseudoscorpions get into your home and bathroom?

Pseudoscorpions are tiny arachnids who make their home inside old books. They feed on the insects who have died and the mold which often grows in wet areas of your house, like bathrooms.

If you find a pseudoscorpion roaming around in your home or you see them climbing up the walls, it’s a sign that there is a problem with dampness in your home.

This could be anywhere from a leaking bathroom ceiling to an attic that doesn’t ventilate properly – either way, this needs urgent attention! Call professionals to solve drainage issues & fix any problems with insulation.

What are the dangers of pseudoscorpions?

Pseudoscorpions are harmless, non-poisonous arachnids that do not attack people unless threatened. If you find yourself face to face with a pseudoscorpion, it may raise its pincers up as a symbol of warning before ducking into some crack or crevice.

Also, pseudoscorpions have a venomous stinger attached to their tail; only its victims tend to be considerably smaller than you and me such as silverfish, weevils, ants and flies.

Pseudoscorpions make effective pest control so if you happen upon one in the bathroom sink or dead on the floor after an extermination attempt by your cleaner, don’t hurt yourself trying to catch it. Just toss it in the bin and leave it at that.

Are Pseudoscorpions Nocturnal?

Pseudoscorpions are nocturnal which mean they can only be seen at night and during the day they will stay hidden in dark places within your bathroom or home.

Pseudoscorpions do not bring any infestation risk because they do not breed or lay eggs inside your home.

If you happen to see small dead skin cells that resemble honeycomb then you can be sure it was most likely a pseudoscorpion because that is one of the things it preys on for food.

It’s unlikely but there may be more than two or three of these little creatures in your home as long as there are plenty of dark, tight spaces to keep them safe from their predators.

How you can Get Rid Of Tiny Bug With Pincers In The Bathroom?

You don’t need to use harmful substances inside your bathroom like permethrin dust to rid them of pseudoscorpions.

On spotting one, use a broom to scoop the bug up in a dust bag and dispose of it outside in your yard or garden – they do not belong there.

You do not have to eliminate them entirely. If you find pseudoscorpions anywhere else in your home, ensure that you are quick and efficient with removing them quickly by slowly sweeping them up into a dust bag and then moving them outdoors so that they may go back outside where they belong.

Consider why they might have come into your home in the first place as well – so that we can prevent another infestation in the future.

We all know that beneficial garden bugs will help us control pests, because otherwise our gardens would become over-run with pests very quickly.

However our pets (and even the majority of people) don’t make this connection, so no worries.


Tiny bugs with pincers in front. Pseudoscorpions are tiny bugs that resemble scorpions in their form. Since they can be found in damp and dark places around the home, homeowners who think they’ve seen a pseudoscorpion lying on their floorboards or near to a sink or shower area might be frightened when encountering one of these insects for the first time.

Sightings of pseudoscorpions in homes are fairly rare, but if you’re starting to see them more frequently, it’s easy to tell from a photo that these are not true scorpions but look-alikes of the arachnid genus Scorpio , which has over 2000 species in 57 countries across all continents. Attention! Pseudoscorpions aren’t dangerous and they do not bite humans or pets; however, as with any insect species, you should always carefully consider your pest control options before bringing in an exterminator to your home.

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