Tiny Black Bugs In House Near Window

Tiny black bugs in house near window. When we think of bugs at home, the first thing that comes to mind is ants crawling all over our countertops or a spider fixed on its web in the corner of the dining room.

But there are also other tiny insects that can get into our unassuming spaces and make their way into your home.

No matter how many times you have sprayed the outside of your house to prevent them from getting in. When it comes to finding these little black bugs near windows, there are different pests that could be found on either side of the window frame.

Some of these bugs bring with them key infestation risks, others can be a nuisances themselves, but if some happen to bite people who come too close for comfort.

You might want to know what kinds of critters you may find yourself surrounded by. Today we will discuss where most types generally like to crawl around and fly towards:

Tiny Black Bugs In House Near Window


springtails bugs

Springtails are small nuisance bugs that appear to be active during the entire year seeking moist and damp places to live.

Springtails will get inside your home especially in warm weather months like summer seeking a moisture-filled place to attach.

Springtail bugs don’t bite but as they get inside your home in large numbers, it may become a nuisance because of their presence.

These annoying winter pests can also land on the surface of your swimming pool and attach themselves when the temperature drops sharply outside during the colder months.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants

Everyone’s encountered ants in some part of their lives. Not even your own home is safe from these pesky invaders, and when carpenter ants take over.

You need to know how to get rid of them as soon as possible. Carpenter ants are black insects that move about quickly.

So it’ll be a challenge to spot any entrance points into your house once they’ve already made it inside.

These bugs can enter through door frames, window sills or damaged areas of the house – but the solution to fighting off these invaders lies elsewhere: carpenter ant traps.


termites bugs

Termites consume on average $3 billion worth of property a year, according to pest control experts.

It pays to know the facts about termites and realize that these destructive insects can cause an infestation in the home just as easily through an open window as they can anywhere else in or around your house.

Termites typically leave their homes looking for mating partners to start new colonies and prey upon whatever they find along the way.

If you happen to spot winged termites lurking around by a window in your home, it means that termites have invaded your home’s perimeter – say a storm window or screen cover – and are searching for a place to begin their colonies.


gnats bugs


In the months of May through June, Gnats can become a nuisance to outdoor homes.

These pesky little black insects tend to come out from dusk until dawn and congregate near windows.

On a more technical note, it should be noted that weather can affect gnat behavior.

They might be attracted in greater numbers when certain climatic conditions demand it.

For example a drier climate as many gnats love moist organic debris such as carpet and dirty laundry. Gnats bite too so if you ever see them around your home.

Bbe sure to wave them goodbye since they may well be looking for a place to lay their eggs or make themselves at home in unexpected places.

Drain flies

drain flies

Drain flies appear to be extremely small, but they can be problematic since they tend to congregate in larger groups.

Drain flies, which are also referred to as sewer flies, emerge around clogged drains from your kitchen, bathroom, and basement even though they might be spotted elsewhere.

These pesky bugs could quickly turn out to be a nuisance because of their number.

After all, drain flies prefer damp places, so the bathroom, kitchen basement – all these areas are their personal breeding ground!

The fact that drain flies are weak fliers and usually don’t land for too long makes it impossible for them to cover great distances when searching for food.

They simply fly across the nearby room boards and back when looking for a meal because at best they could have travelled barely more than three feet in any direction.

Rice Weevils

rice weevils

Rice weevil has a propensity for rice, cereals, fruits, and nuts. They are most commonly found to inhabit the corners of your pantry after having eaten through your stored food containers and discarding fecal matter.

The larvae of these rice weevils often grow food products that are stored in containers made from thin material, such as plastic or cardboard.

You will also find them swarming around light fixtures in your kitchen or storage areas during nighttime hours.

And as if their dietary preferences were not troublesome enough, it is also important to take into account that they can chew through many varieties of consumer packaging with relative ease.

Ways of Stopping Tiny Black Bugs from Entering Your Home through the Windows

  1. Control the dampness by fixing water leaks.
  2. When outdoors, always protect yourself from insects.
  3. Clean and unclog the drains.
  4. Get Rid of Vegetation around Your Home’s Perimeter by cutting back overgrown shrubs.
  5. Avoid over fertilizing and overwatering your lawn.
  6. Seal cracks in walls, window sills, window frames, and doors.
  7. Install weather-stripping on the doors and windows.
  8. Make use of anti-bug bulbs.


To summarize, here are the eight tiny black bugs you’re most likely to see in your house near windows because they use the windows as a means of entry. Here’s an 8-step process that will enable you to stop them from crawling into your home through those same windows. To learn more about the next type of little bugs that you might find in your house, check our post on the tiny white bugs that look like dust and how to get rid of them.

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