Tiny Black Bugs In Arizona

Tiny black bugs in arizona. Whether you’re a resident or new to the state, five types of black household pests can be overlooked in Arizona.

The first one is black widow spiders that are easily found in rocky areas, especially under rocks and debris. The next one is scorpions that live approximately in 3300 type counties, most of which are located in Arizona.

If you want to know more about these minor black bugs, click here.

Tiny Black Bugs In Arizona

There are several common types of bugs in Arizona homes but one must know how to spot them and their signs of infestation to correctly deal with the problem.

The five most common tiny black bugs in Arizona homes are the carpet beetles, false chinch bugs, gnats, drain flies and the most often ignored – the black plant bug.

These five bugs have their way of invading homes, causing damages and become a nuisance.

Drain Flies

drain flies and silverfish

Drain flies, also known as moth flies, love the environment where you spend all your time at home, and the number of diseases that they transfer to humans is unknown.

They are pretty standard in Arizona, especially during evening hours and in the backyard. In almost every home, drain flies tend to travel to different devices, just like the air conditioner or electrical appliances.

Such as dishwashers and refrigerators since that is where they can breed, become active in summer months and then become a problem unless one takes measures about getting rid of them immediately.

Most homeowners in rural and urban areas are the best way to clean and unclog drains. These creatures have a pretty extensive lifespan, so cleaning comes first before any extermination should be done.

And if there are catch basins in their yards or gardens, it’s essential to make sure that these get washed thoroughly.

Biting Midge

biting midges

Biting Midges are a common pest in Arizona that can enter your home. These pests often enter your home because of the changing seasons and may be lurking in your yard.

Chances are, if you’re getting bitten outside, it is because these pesky bugs might be in the soil of one of your plants or territory near it.

These pests can also make their way into your home by hitching a ride on potted flowers from your yard into the house. It is best to check any houseplants you may have before bringing them inside.

Black Plant Bug

black plant bug

Black plant bugs or Slaterocoris Atritibialis are tiny black bugs that appear in Arizona during the summer months and are known for their hard work to try and get inside homes as they try over and over again to barge in by beating themselves against windows.

They aren’t harmful, but like all other invaders, it is best to stop them from entering your home with window insect screens that you put up outside of your home before fall comes.

False Chinch Bugs

false chinch bugs

A pesky flying insect found in Arizona is the false chinch bug. Wrong chinch bugs gather in large numbers near Tucson, Phoenix and southern Arizona and homes near the Mojave dessert.

Science has it that these annoying pests feed on mustard weeds. One thing about false chinch bugs is that they look menacing but can be distinguished from regular chinch bugs by having a reddish-orange patch on their bodies.

Wrong chinch bugs don’t bite humans or bring any infection risks. These nasty little creatures feed on seedlings and may harm your garden if you let them take over.

Carpet Beetles

carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are like the destructive beetles of your entomology world. They tend to invade homes and lay their eggs in animal-based products.

This is because carpet beetles’ eggs hatch out into larvae that feed on animals like wool and silk, and also anything made out of feathers or leather is susceptible to!

But the exciting thing about these bugs is that as adults, they don’t do any damage at all – it’s just their young ‘uns you have to watch out for.

Like us humans, they prefer living inside where it’s cozy, but unlike us, the critters typically come out when looking for a mate during the warmer months (which drives them on those fine spring days).

They can enter our homes through open windows or doors, which means we’ve got to keep those tightly shut if we want to keep them outside.

Ways of getting rid of black bugs

  1. Keep bugs out of your home by installing window shields.
  2. Get Rid of Dirt and Garbage in Your Home.
  3. Lights that repel bugs can be installed outdoors.


Among the five minor black bugs in Arizona homes found in this guide are flying ants and the larvae of the carpet beetle. Although both build nests out of their bodily substances, only the larvae leave structural damages to your property. To prevent damage from occurring inside or outside your home, it’s essential to schedule a quarterly pest inspection with pest control companies such as Critter Control.

Their trained professionals not only provide you with a written report but also treat your home because they can quickly identify infestations, evaluate potential entry points, snare and treat visible pests, give tips on preventing future outbreaks, and get rid of any permanent structures that household pests may have built outside.

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