LG refrigerator defrost problems

LG refrigerator defrost problems. A built-in automatic defrost system reduces the risk of frost inside an LG freezer. However, any visible buildup is a cause for concern and should be addressed immediately to stop ice from forming.

Clearing out all removable parts helps in certain instances, but there may be more trouble than just frost buildup.

Use this guide to troubleshoot your issue and establish a list of recommended actions you can take moving forward.

LG refrigerator defrost problems

LG refrigerator defrost problems 2022 guide

We will discuss here the reasons for the LG refrigerator defrost problems.

Amount of Frozen Foods

When you find that your LG refrigerator freezer is frosting up, it could be because there are too few or too many frozen items removing adequate levels of humidity.

A well-stocked freezer maintains the right moisture content, which helps to keep the set temperature after doors are opened.

At the same time, an empty one allows warm air to come in contact with a colder fridge compartment and vice versa, resulting in moisture buildup on shelves or sections with less surface area.

Incorrect Freezer Temperature

LG freezers can suddenly stop defrosting properly. The freezer’s temperature is usually too high or too low (such as 0 degrees Fahrenheit), which prevents the appliance from maintaining a zero moisture environment, resulting in buildup on its cooling coils.

The buildup inhibits air circulation and causes additional moisture to build up, then freeze into ice and snow, making your refrigerator less efficient.

To prevent these issues, it’s best to keep the temperature of your LG refrigerator between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

Defrost Control Board

The defrost control board determines how long your refrigerator will run the defrost cycle before shutting off.

Usually, the failure lies within this control board, but it could be due to the components beneath, such as your defrost and temperature sensors.

Before replacing the defrost control board, it’s best to first troubleshoot these items by testing your sensors to ensure they are working properly before returning them.

Otherwise, you may have wasted a lot of time and money on a process that didn’t need to happen.

Leaving the Door Open

Leaving the Door Open

It’s typically recommended not to keep the freezer door open for long periods; however, many people still do.

Unintentionally opening and closing the door often can cause a lot of hazards.

So if your LG freezer is constantly taking too long to defrost or exhibits other problems like warm air entering, it may be a sign that you’re leaving your freezer door open too much.

Contaminants such as dust and debris normally shouldn’t have access to your food – otherwise, they can get inside!


What causes a refrigerator to defrost?

Auto Defrost problems will cause some parts of the refrigerator to not properly cool. The issues may be related to the defrost timer, heater, thermostat, thermal fuse, or defrost control board.

These components can sometimes make the Auto Defrost system turn on too early or too late.

Both situations will cause excessive temperature fluctuations that allow warm air or water to enter and overwork your refrigerator’s refrigeration cycle.

What if the defrost sensor malfunctions?

If the sensor does not function correctly, you may have to manually shut off your defrost heater to prevent your refrigerator from continually defrosting itself, resulting in a frozen block of ice buildup.

Typically, this is more of an issue for frost-free refrigerators, which use more delicate sensors.


In conclusion, freezer burn can affect the quality of your food, making it seem like you’ve lost money on your grocery bill. There are many ways to combat this issue, whether you choose to defrost your appliance or take out the ice. We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to address this problem and better understand how to troubleshoot your appliance in the future.

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