i wake up with bug bites but my husband does not
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I Wake Up With Bug Bites But My Husband Does Not

I wake up with bug bites but my husband does not. Each year, over 80 million people end up with bed bug bites. If you’re one of them, you’ve most certainly been dealing with sleepless nights and endless scratching sessions.

It’s an annoying process that leaves you wondering where the heck to get started because it seems like everything you’ve tried so far has failed to yield any success.

The truth is that there are almost as many myths and misconceptions out there about bed bugs as people are suffering from them.

But take heart because you’re about to learn everything you need to know to eradicate your bed bug problem for good quickly.

I Wake Up With Bug Bites But My Husband Does Not

wake up with bug bites but my husband does not

These bugs are pretty selective when it comes to what they eat, but you never know where they’ll be hanging out next.

Bed bug bites can cause reactions in some people who are sensitive or allergic to them

1. You were bitten by bed bugs days ago, and now you’re reacting

Symptoms of bed bug bites usually appear within five to 14 days, but the CDC says they may appear as late as two weeks after an infestation.

That’s because we all react differently to insect bites, and some people might not get any symptoms at all!

We’re happy you’ve handled your bed bug situation, and it’s relieving that you’ve found a solution so far. But if you still feel like something isn’t right, call us right away – maybe you need our help.

2. Bites from bed bugs do not affect the person sleeping in the same bed

Although it’s common knowledge that bed bug bites can cause welts and scars on the skin, there are some people whose immune systems tend to react more extremely when bed bugs bite them.

In fact, for some people, these little bumps may swell into massive “hives,” which look like bites but don’t necessarily mean that any bugs have bitten them.

If you happen to be the type of person who is extra sensitive to the edges of bugs and insects, you may already know this firsthand.

3. There’s Something Else Biting You Not Bed Bugs

Not all bites you get on the bed and couch are from bed bugs. Many tiny bugs live in these places with soft furnishings like mites, fleas, ticks, and others.

They can be hard to spot, and that makes you wonder what’s biting you that you can’t see. In this post about microscopic bugs that bite, you’ll find a list of insects/insect-like creatures that can bite but which may not be visible to the naked eye.

You’ll also learn what environments these creatures live in and how they manage to get in your bed or home, and how they might affect your health if they become a common pest in your environment.

4. Your blood type is preferred by bed bugs

Now, this is the slimmest of reasons why bed bugs are biting you but not the one who’s sleeping with you on the same bed. Let’s clarify first, blood-sucking bugs don’t have a preferable human blood type.

Experts are still trying to determine if bed bugs prefer a particular blood group. However, bed bugs are attracted to your warmth while they rest on your body, and they also respond to any carbon dioxide (which you exhale) emitted while you sleep.

In general, people with blood type A+ are warm-hearted. That’s why warm-hearted people feel deep empathy towards other people.

People with “A+” blood types afford others the same compassion and consideration they would expect for themselves.

That’s one reason why people with a type “A+” personality who were bitten by bed bugs are less likely to become spiteful when the new person is of an O- blood type.

After all, it doesn’t matter if they have O- blood because an A+ person might never harbour anything but positive thoughts about them anyway.

5. Mold mites are responsible for bed bug bites in your home

Now, this one is the less common reason for getting bite marks on your skin. Yet, there are many instances when mould mites cause bed bug bites on your body.

Mould mites are tiny bugs that feed on mould within a home; they can be found in damp areas and creep out of air conditioning units.

When mould mites bite people, they cause little red bumps or possible rashes, as you may notice on other insect bites where itchy bumps and painful rashes occur.

The welts will also secrete a yellow viscous liquid if you often scratch and itch the bite marks. It’s pretty common to residents of many homes that don’t even have a single mosquito or any biting bug in their beds.

But it’s because their homes are damp. The best way to deal with these hitchhiking mites in your mattress is to reduce your home’s dampness levels and clean your HVAC design.


I wake up with bug bites but my husband does not. Now you know the five reasons for the agony of bed bug bites that you only face and not the other person who’s on the same bed as you, it’s time we go into why this happens and what exactly causes these skin irritations. The exact cause for these skin irritations is unknown, but our article does explain in detail some of which are similar to mosquito bites or flea bites, for example.

You can find a list of additional items to put on your body so that you don’t get bitten because, in this case, prevention is better than having to deal with those painful itches from bed bug bit. And finally, if you want to know it all about bed bugs inside homes, check our Mega Guide on Bed Bug Infestation in Homes.

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