How To Turn On TV Without Remote

How to turn on tv without remote? The power button (joystick) on most TVs is usually located underneath the screen, in the middle of it, to its left or right side. It should be pushed and held for a second to power your TV.

If you want to power off your TV, again use this button but first ensure it’s not linked to a device that has been turned on before as this can damage that device.

But there are still other ways to turn on your TV without the remote control. To see all possible options, read more here.

How To Turn On TV Without Remote

guide to turn on tv without remote

Standard Manual Control

To understand how you can set up a TV without a remote, it’s vital that one is familiar with the traditional default buttons and keys observed on all TVs. Here are the most common ones:

Power ON or OFF button: These buttons are usually located on the keyboard’s left – separately from other keys. They tend to be larger than the other keys.

Go to the menu section – MENU: Most televisions have the same type of key used to power the TV on.

The key to confirming the selected actions is OK: There are instances where you double-click on a line of text or a button, perhaps because that’s the only action you’re expecting it to do.

Standard televisions come specially designated AV input sources, but new models typically find signal sources through menus.

In some models made by Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, the controls look and work like a video game controller.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Have Remote Control?

Many flat-screen televisions are designed to make it easy for anyone with basic technical knowledge to perform many standard calibrations without using a remote control.

The same idea applies when setting or viewing parameters on television regardless of whether you’re going about it manually or making adjustments through software such as with a TV instead of another device like some media player.

Here are instructions on how to manually set up your display depending upon what brand and model TV you have.

As mentioned before, you can use the same approach to set up any new parameters on your television without using a remote control. Access them manually and enter the desired values listed on the screen.

Set Up Your System Remotely Using Your Smartphone

Smart TVs have features that are nothing short of amazing. They support instant messaging, social networking and photo sharing.

This isn’t exactly new technology because it is already being used in large-screen versions of tablets and smartphones.

However, it’s still rather exciting when it comes to the possibilities of what people can do with them.

The only problem is that not everyone is as familiar with this particular device as they might be with some other common types such as an iPad or iPhone, for example.

No worries, though, there is a simple app called TV Remote, which makes using your Smart TV simple.

TV Remote App’s Features

Our goal is to enable anyone with a smartphone or tablet to control their smart TV without directly interacting with complex equipment or applications.

Users can use their device’s touchscreen to set up Samsung TV in less than a minute or use a virtual pointing machine (also known as the mouse) for people who prefer a more sophisticated way of interacting with technology.

The application contains everything you need, including buttons, and it would take numerous clicks and swipes to do otherwise, like changing channels or playing your DVDs.

In reality, the application transforms into a full-featured and remote control. It can turn your cell phone or tablet into an intelligent remote control for your television.

The companion app is significantly more fully-featured, but the core functionality of any remotes is there, including speaking to google devices without installing anything.


No longer are we dependent on our remote controls to change the channel or operate the volume of our TV sets. Nowadays, we can use apps on our phones to do this for us.

These happen to be interactive and much more user-friendly than using an actual remote control, even if the original remote control is lost or malfunctions.

If we’re using an older TV, there are also classic infrared universal remote controls that are easy to set up and use and work across all models without any software upgrades or technical support – no wires required.

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