how to replace carpet with hardwood
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How To Replace Carpet With Hardwood

How to replace carpet with hardwood. Carpeting is a flexible product that can be placed throughout the house. Over time, it can become faded, worn and need to be replaced.

Carpeting can also be torn or ripped and in order for homeowners to change out the flooring with more expensive materials such as hardwood floors which will have to lay on top of the old installation.

The carpet will then have to be taken off so that the home owner may work on stripping down the subfloor until its original state is revealed.

How To Replace Carpet With Hardwood

guide to replace carpet with hardwood

We will discuss here how we can replace carpet with hardwood.

STEP 1: Prepare yourself

As you begin demolishing the flooring, be sure to wear safety goggles, gloves and a mask. This is necessary to protect yourself from particles that may become airborne when exposed and squished under foot, like debris or small lingering piece of carpet fibers.

STEP 2: Taking Door offs

To properly insulate your attic you will first want to remove all of the doors from the attic and remove any moldings, basesboards and/or trim on the outside of the house.

Next, you will want to spray insulation all along the outside walls and then replace any railings that have been taken off of their usual upright positions.

STEP 3: Pull Along

To eliminate the carpet from under the tack strip, one should start by using the pliers to carefully pull away one side of carpet from the tack strip. Next, repeat for each other side of both strips. Eventually, the entire portion of all sides will be able to be removed, thereby removing it from underneath the tack strip.

STEP 4: Cutting Carpet with Sharp

cutting carpet with sharp

With a sharp utility knife, shred the carpet strips from your home so it’s easier to remove. Shred enough to cover at least two rooms worth.

Also, take care not to shred up your subfloor in the process. Roll up the carpet and carry it out of the house using thick gloves as it might have chemical residue on it still.

STEP 5: Remove tack strips

Once the carpet and padding have been removed, use a pry bar to detach the tack strips. You may need to push down on the bar occasionally to loosen any tacks but do not push too hard or else you will break them off in the wood!

If you’re removing carpet and replacing it with new, you’ll want to start by rolling up the old one. If you aren’t installing new carpet, simply pick it all up as well as any debris that might be lying around before moving on to the next step.


Can I replace carpet with hardwood myself?

The basic steps required to finish a hardwood flooring installation begin right after you take everything back to the original state. This is after removing the carpet, then padding. Then unscrewing and removing tack strips along with their attached nails.

Will vinegar remove carpet glue?

To use white vinegar, mix one part of the vinegar with one part water. Then apply the mixture to the carpet and wait for several minutes for it to soften any residue left behind from past glue spills in your carpeting.


If you want to get your carpet replaced, you should be sure to contact a professional because there’s more to it than just removing the old carpet and laying another one down. Removing the old carpet inevitably means that you’ll need to rip up the tile underneath which can be a lot of work!

It’s much easier if you consult with someone experienced in this department before you begin so that you’re able to go about things safely. We’re glad we could provide you with our take on changing your carpets.

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