how to install a tub drain
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How To Install A Tub Drain

How to install a tub drain. When you invest in a tub it’s not uncommon for you to want to upgrade various aspects of the bathroom in general.

If you have an old-style fitting on your tub drain, such as a rubber stopper that uses a chain to hold it up when in place, sometimes people will take advantage of finding different more modern options that can be added to the bath if they choose to.

A great option if you’re thinking about including one of these things into your renovation project is a stopper which operates by hand or foot.

It’s easier than ever found some fresh options when going through a remodel or even if you just want to give your bathroom an updated look with this thing called a stinger trap for example.

How To Install A Tub Drain

guide to install a tub drain

we will discuss here how we can install a tub train

STEP 1: Taking Out the Old Stopper

You may have to call in some expert help when attempting to switch out your bathtub drain assembly; this is because it’s not an easy DIY job and you might get stuck trying on your own.

However, if you can handle the repair yourself and you feel confident about attempting the job, there are a few things that will come in handy.

It is possible for your drain assembly to be blocked; this must be cleared first before any further disassembly can take place.

Once removal is complete, you will have easier access to parts of the assembly that need replacing.

STEP 2: Drain Flange should be removed

You should be able to see the trap nut, and you will need to loosen it to install a new drain assembly. The easiest way to do this is with a specialized tool that can loosen tight nuts.

Turn the nut counter-clockwise until you can pull it out. You can buy a drain key relatively cheaply at most DIY stores. Once the nut is out, carefully remove the plumber’s putty around the drain with a putty knife.

It’s fine to rinse small putty particles down the drain, but physically dispose of any large pieces in the trash basket.

STEP 3: Put the New Flange in Place

repairing the tub drain

To start, make sure you have a roll of plumber’s putty to help you get started. This ingredient can be easily purchased at the company’s local hardware store which is located nearby.

Next, take half of the roll and line the edge of your new flange with that. Next press it firmly down onto the flange so as to create a firm watertight seal that will keep you safe and dry if anything should happen during use.


How tight should tub drain be?

Finally, use your wrench and tighten the tub. Now do this carefully because you want to make sure that the gasket doesn’t come out of place, then reseat it after tightening.

Make sure not to over-tighten it though as you might crack the tub or break the seal of the connection by doing so.

How far is a bathtub drain from the wall?

The trap arm should extend out a minimum distance of 12 inches and ideally be angled downward toward the drain at approximately 1.5 inches.

To provide a means for disposing of waste water, install a P-trap down the drain to divert guests’ flow safely into the main drainage system.


Hopefully, this article has provided some information on what a stinger trap is as well as why it can help you out if you’re looking for a new way to take care of the drainage in your bathroom. We hope that this has been helpful and you can use this information to find the right new tub stopper for your bathroom!

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