How To Hang Pictures On Concrete Walls

How to hang pictures on concrete walls? The right and simple way to put your flair on a room are by adding a few choice pieces of decor.

You don’t need to go out and spend tons of money putting together elaborate displays; you can change the entire atmosphere of any room instantly with even just a few well-chosen items from around the home or vicinity.

One object that many people overlook in their effort to spruce up their surroundings is the wall; more often than not, walls will come across as cold, industrial, and potentially sterile.

If you’re not careful how and where you place your décor. A simple remedy for removing some of the harshnesses from concrete walls is with art – expressly framed pictures.

Some people find it daunting to hang pictures onto concrete surfaces because they don’tdon’t like the idea of having to put holes through them during the process; however, this process doesn’tdoesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming at all!

Before you choose a method to hang your pictures on the concrete walls, you have to imagine how much weight your photos will add up to.

This can be used as a rough guide for choosing how and where to put your favorite painting in the living room.

It’sIt’s essential to pick out a good place in which the wall isn’tisn’t so hollow, and you’re able to find quality mounting hardware after you’ve found an excellent spot for your canvas.

How To Hang Pictures On Concrete Walls

different ways to hang pictures on concrete walls

Drill a hole into the concrete using a drill, then hold your fixture over the newly drilled hole.

Hit the anchor into place and watch as it expands outward, thereby anchoring itself within the hole.

1. Adhesive Wall Hooks

Adhesive Zig Zag Hooks are best used with lightweight objects weighing less than six pounds, and the adhesive holds the object firmly to the wall and is ideal for small framed pictures.

These hooks work well on textured paint but are not recommended for use in bathrooms where moisture may cause damage if installed improperly.

2. Hardwall Hangers

Hardwall hangers, also known as hard wall plastic hooks, are concrete art hangers anchored onto the wall with small, almost invisible metal nails.

These work best on concrete, cement, cinder block, thin plaster over concrete and many other surfaces.

At Picture Hang Solutions, we carry a wide selection of free-standing plastic picture hanging solutions ranging from small and large 20 pounds and 30-pound Hardwall Plastic Hooks.

Both types are the easiest and fastest to use, only needing a hammer for installation. Just make sure you place these concrete art hangers directly into your walls, or we’re not held responsible if they start falling out after daily use!

3. Masonry Screws

When it comes to hanging frames with ease, there is a lot that you should know about concrete screws and concrete walls.

First of all, concrete screws are also known as masonry screws because they are fasteners used for concrete and other materials, including brick and block.

They have a pointed end that forms the top part of their frame.

When screwed deep enough into the wall (1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch is recommended), you will find that these little guys are strong anchors that can support a whole lot of things, from picture frames to shelves.


There are many different methods for hanging pictures in a concrete house, and each may share some similarities, but everyone has their preferred way of doing it.

Deciding which option is best for your house is ultimately something that you have to decide on your own and can’tcan’t ask someone else to make the call for you.

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