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How To Get Rid Of Lizards On Porch

How to get rid of lizards on porch? There are so many reasons why people don’t want lizards in their porch or other areas of their home – sometimes they creep people out, they can smell bad.

They may even try and bite if you get too close! To save your time, we have gathered solutions for dealing with them so that you can use the most appropriate product that best matches your unique needs.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards On Porch

get rid of lizards on porch

If you have lizards on your porch or under your siding, you may need to deal with some sticky situations. You don’t want them coming back inside, do you?

Try mixing up some cayenne peppers and water as a homemade spray solution.

This will keep lizards from returning and help address their lizard-related problems NATURALLY!

1. Manually Remove Them

There are many ways that people can have lizards removed from their porches, and as a company specializing in removing lizards, we are in tune with what works best for homeowners.

The easiest solution is to push the lizard far away from your porch or onto another piece of paved space nearby if you need it removed quickly – there’s nothing quite as effective as scooting them away.

This can be done using a broom or rolled-up paper or any other object you find to be the most suitable means of doing so. Alternatively, one can catch and release these pesky creatures.

If this is the type of service you would like us to provide, we recommend purchasing a bowl or pot for trapping purposes and then sliding a sturdy piece of paper under it safely to decide how best to transport it away from your house after that.

2. Clean the Porch Regularly

Lizards are often afraid of human activity – sweeping your porch helps to reduce the chances of a lizard finding its way there.

While vacuuming and bug-sweeping regularly will help ensure bugs (alive or dead) stay away from your porch.

Which would otherwise attract unwanted attention, maximize the radius by paying special attention to corners, door frames, and window sills if your porch has any.

3. Turn Off the Lights and Close the Screen Doors

If you have a porch that features a screen door, it may also be the entry point for any wandering lizards. To reduce the chances of a lizard entering through your porch, keep the screen doors closed at night.

You will also want to ensure no holes in your screen and that they’re in good working order.

4. Place Onions or Garlic

Many people don’t know about lizards because they are similar to vampires since they can be repelled by garlic. While some myths have been found out and get retold as folk tales, this one has some truth in it.

Garlic is known to ward off the foul odor of reptiles and even keep them from coming back for a few days or until the pungent spice loses its potency.

This can especially come in handy at night when you want to spend time outside with your family, but certain reptiles are hanging around and ruining your quality time by scaring away your kids or pets.

5. Use Lemongrass Oil or Tea Leaves

Lemongrass is a plant that can be used for multiple purposes. Asides from the common use of sniffing it out to relieve stress and anxiety, lemongrass oil can also be applied topically as an insect repellent.

Another alternate method of keeping lizards away is through steam that comes out when boiling some leaves of this plant and letting them fumigate the whole space, thus discouraging lizards from coming over in the first place.

It has been attested that both methods work quite well at keeping lizards away while still retaining their satisfying aroma even if they’re not as effective as most commercial bug sprays available in stores.

6. Use Pepper Spray

A simple method of keeping lizards from getting onto your front porch is making homemade pepper spray out of cayenne pepper.

All you need to do is mix cayenne pepper with water in an aerosol form and then spray the mixture around your porch area.

Reports from people who have used this method claim that it has done quite well at repelling lizards away from their porches.

7. Use Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers can be used to scare away lizards from entering or occupying space.

Lizards are natural enemies of peacocks in the wild, so placing a few of their colorful eye-like spots around the porch could serve as a giant warning sign for them to stay away.

Peacocks have bright, vibrant feathers, unlike other bird feathers that may serve as an attractive decoration on your porch.

They also last longer and don’t stink like some others do (like cracked eggshells), and since they’re more durable than those annoying lizards, they are less likely to attract pests that would otherwise kill them!


Getting rid of lizards from one’s porch is a difficult task. The easiest way to do it humanely is to keep the porch free of insects, water, and light.

Which might be difficult to manage if you’re trying to attract butterflies and other insects that also find your porch attractive as a habitat. Some less humane methods can be used, but they may not be as effective.

One can take advantage of lizards’ appetite for eggs by going out in the morning when the sun rises, collecting bird’s eggs that were laid the evening before, and leaving them on one’s porch.

Lizards will often eat these eggs if they find them; however, this may result in more dead birds being found on people’s porches.

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