How To Get A Stuck Key Out Of A Lock

How to get a stuck key out of a lock? There are many ways to have a bad day. One of them is when your Key gets stuck in the lock as you try to open the door to go into your home at the end of a long, taxing day.

When this happens, you can feel helpless and frustrated. However, there’s good news!

By following these simple and easy instructions below, you can solve this problem quickly and prevent your keys from getting stuck in other locks.

How To Get A Stuck Key Out Of A Lock

different ways to get a stuck key out of a lock

The most effective method for removing a key stuck in the lock is to use a dry lubricant. That will free up the plug, and you can open the door with no problem!

Other methods, such as using graphite powder or freezing it with ice, can cause more damage than good, so make sure you don’t bother with those.

Just keep things simple by using a dry lubricant.

1. Graphite powder

Graphite powder is a superior lubricant that can be utilized when keys get stuck in locks. If you face such a situation, squeeze some graphite powder into the lock.

Try shaking the stuck Key in the lock until it fills with lubricant. Gently pull the Key back out of the lock once you’ve applied enough graphite to do so easily.

You can buy small, soft plastic bottles of graphite powder at most hardware shops or supply stores, and each bottle comes with measurements printed right on its front for easy application.

2. Spray Lubricant

Sticking a new key into an already locked door will cause the lock to seize, making it even more difficult to open. In this circumstance, the best thing that you can do is sprayed a lubricant onto the Key and into the lock.

By adding the lubricant to both the Key and your lock, you should be able to shake up the Key a little bit and make it easier to manage when opening your lock.

Lubricating your locks is a quick fix that’s easy on your wallet and guaranteed to work! After vigorous shaking of your Key, if it still won’t budge, make sure that there aren’t any deep scratches on it first.

Because this could be what’s causing your lock not to turn. If everything else checks out, then call in the professionals.

In most cases where clients have used our services when their keys are stuck in their locks, we can usually remove such keys within between 15 minutes.

3. Pencil

If you have no graphite powder, a great option that works extremely well is to use a pencil! With the help of a pencil and your Key, as well as some patience, you should easily be able to get the door unjammed.

Here’s how: First off, use your Key to pry back the lock’s housing slowly lift on it with the key handle.

Next, using the pencil, cover the key blade with lead or graphite (the natural lubricant) and then insert it into one of two holes in the side of the housing.

Finally, slowly twist your Key counterclockwise to turn it and try pulling on the handle again.

4. Ice on the Key

If you are located in an area where the temperature is high, this method can be quite helpful. First, get some ice (which could be found from a neighbor’s freezer or your own).

Use the ice by pressing it against the Key for around 30 to 60 seconds. The cold temperature from the ice will make the metal lock contract, enabling the stuck Key to loosen itself out of the lock.

Now you’ll hopefully be able to try turning the Key out gently without having many problems.

5. Consult with Professional Locksmith

If all other attempts fail and you need the Key in your car door to be removed, it is time to call a locksmith. When no other attempt works at getting the door unlocked, a professional is a person to count on.

Going with any more force than necessary when trying to remove the Key can cause even more issues for you later down the line.

Therefore, calling a locksmith is one of the best ways to solve this problem successfully and cost-effectively.

It may seem like hiring someone already familiar with this kind of work might be too expensive for you, but luckily that’s not always the case.


How to get a stuck key out of a lock? Getting a key stuck in the lock of your home is about as frustrating as it gets.

This problem can occur at any time, and there are a variety of potential fixes ranging from taking quick action to simple preventative measures that you can take to help ensure that this never happens again.

In this article, we have compiled several useful tips showing how to take a stuck key out without damaging yourself or the lock.

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