How To Decorate Wood Paneling Without Painting

How to decorate wood paneling without painting. Wood paneling is a great way to make a room look warm and inviting, though many homeowners nowadays prefer something a little more modern.

Often, people choose to paint their wood paneling to match other rooms or just because they want it to look more modern and up-to-date.

While paint lasts quite some time, there’s no going back once you’ve applied it (however, if your walls have uneven surfaces, the paint can start flaking off).

As long as you don’t love the color of your wood paneling but think it looks outdated, consider something like wallpaper instead since that can be removed later on without damaging the wall.

By using high-quality wood products in your room, you can contour the color of your wooden furnishings to highlight its natural beauty.

How To Decorate Wood Paneling Without Painting

guide to decorate wood paneling without painting

Keep the color on the lighter side if you have darker or more textured wooden furniture. On the other hand, if your table has a more delicate appearance, go for something deeper and more saturated in hue.

If your wood is already finished, you’re set! However, apply an oil-based stain if it’s not finished and you want to give it a custom look.

Since staining any wood piece takes some time and goes through several steps, most rental units do not allow stains because sometimes stained wood turns out lopsided or does not match entirely with the rest of their décor.

The theme of your room

Paneling comes in many styles. If you’re working with medium-colored wooden panels, it can be a useful starting point to base the rest of your interior design around.

A look that could easily be achieved through this design is traditional cabin decor.

With this in mind, you can use existing wooden panels as a basis for your overall theme and then decorate around that with textiles and other home items.

Introduce the Log Cabin Theme into your Home

Use warm colors like red, brown, and orange on soft furnishings with knit or fleece blankets and accessory throws to match.

If you prefer something more exotic, throw in some pheasant prints or fur rugs or pillowcases—whatever best fits your existing décor as long as you are comfortable with it!

If you’re looking to add a touch of the outdoors, such as pinecones, mossy walls, and low lighting (as ski chalets tend to be quite dark), then you can incorporate this into your interior spaces.

Plaid is an aesthetic often associated with log cabins. One could also include this motif in their living room decor; table and chair coverings would ideally bring nature indoors.

Dark wood paneling is best used in stately or formal environments. Large, heavy furniture helps achieve this style as it contrasts nicely with the dark wood of the panels.

Everything should be smooth and graceful while still appearing somewhat shiny. Light-colored furniture also looks friendly with opaque wood panels.

For example, choosing neutral-colored upholstery fabric is helpful. However, brighter tones such as browns look great as well.

Gold accents around the room create a sense of prestige and wealth just like the old days of kings and queens – perfect for a home office!

Using light or faded wood panels can complement a coastal style decor. This style is casual and comfortable, with lots of soft linen furniture in blue, white, and beige shades.

The table should be simple and match the color of the wood panels or be whitewashed for added accents on what could become a gallery wall as well!

Add decorations with maritime motifs, such as bell jar mirrors or pictures of boats, on the wooden bulletin board to add different accents.

Use complementary colors

complementary colors

When deciding on a color scheme for your home, consider the type of wood paneling you’ll use, as this can influence your color plan.

Warm colors will complement golden brown or orange tones, so choose hues from a warm color palette to effectively tie in with these shades.

Choose furniture pieces that complement each other and place cushions with orange and mustardy colors for an extra accent.

Use warm backlighting

Warm light can be created using yellow or orange lamps. These types of lamps, unlike white lamps, give off a subtle and comfortable glow that is golden in color.

For example, you might want to the side tables by adding in table lamps to create warm points of light in the room, or install sconces on the wooden panels themselves to illuminate and highlight their beauty!

How can you cover wooden panels?

You can decorate your walls with paneling or wallpaper. Paneling could be painted or covered with a highly durable wall covering that keeps the grooves in panels in their original form but makes them less noticeable.

You can also hang shelves or curtains on these uneven walls to complement the paneling and make it blend in more attractively.


How to decorate wood paneling without painting. I hope this article will be helpful for you in decorating wood paneling without painting.

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