How To Decorate A Bay Window Ledge

How to decorate a bay window ledge? A bay window is an attractive architectural feature that can make your home more appealing.

One thing to always keep in mind about bay windows is that they are usually large and somewhat uniquely shaped, so you should be cautious as to how you go about decorating the ledge of your bay window.

As well as keep your style taken into account. Some homes may call for bay windows to remain neutral, such as white or black, while others may opt for a more colorful theme.

What’s essential when designing your bay window is the overall look, so stick with the basics and if it doesn’t come out right, start over again.

How To Decorate A Bay Window Ledge

different ways to decorate a bay window ledge

You can follow various tips to attain the type of aesthetic you want for your windows.

For instance, some types of window ornaments will recess any area they adorn in one way or another and make it look cleaner.

Depending on what kind of warmth and good feelings you want to radiate, there are tips and necessary elements to keep in mind. You can get a standout window sill.

1. Collections

If you have an extensive collection of exciting items, or even if your belongings are a bit eclectic, you can use your collectibles to decorate your bay window.

Try to fill the entire sill or distribute them evenly when arranging the things. Use items in various shapes; don’t be too extreme with the differences either by using tall and small things.

The idea is that you want your decorations to complement one another rather than look messy and overwhelming. Generally, grouping knickknacks or having groups of 3-4 is much more attractive than only even-numbered sets.

2. Cushions

Window ledge cushions are the perfect way to decorate a bay window ledge, especially if you have children. It turns the shelf from a place people stumble over into somewhere you can lay down on and watch your favorite TV shows.

If you don’t have children, maybe you’d like somewhere to set snacks for your hungry guests.

You might want something with a little more flair than pillows or throw cushions can provide. Embroidered cushions can help enhance your decor while adding softness to your room.

3. Storage

The openness of a bay window makes it appealing for many uses, and some people use the space for an elegant desk or small home office.

If you wish to add storage to your wall of windows, make sure this addition is done tastefully by choosing certain specially-designed salt lamps for display on the ledge (consider using matching trays to house any other items stacked in nice decorative jars).

For added protection, make sure there are enough storage containers (and desks or drawers) that hold/conceal your pens and stationery supplies, so they remain hidden from plain sight and unnecessary clutter if at all possible.

4. Plants

Bay windows can sometimes be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Large bay windows that enjoy plenty of natural light are great for growing various house plants.

Unusual or attractive planter pots can be an excellent way to accentuate your collection! Don’t forget the heights and sizes – make sure they mix it up by placing tall and short plants next to one another to add more visual interest.

This technique also works well with live plants but felt, or silk arrangements are also a viable option if you’re looking for something more cost-effective with which you don’t have as much commitment.


How to decorate a bay window ledge. The decoration of your bay window is a beautiful undertaking that will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of any room it adorns.

While its delicate appeal may be tempting to those who wish to keep it looking attractive, sometimes it’s best to refrain from tinkering with the scenery for fear of doing more harm than good.

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