How To Cover Wall Tiles Without Removing Them

How to cover wall tiles without removing them. Have you ever wondered how to make your bathroom look better? If you have looked at those dull and dingy tiles for too long, then it’s about time you found a way to beautify your space.

But which one of those methods or options do you choose? Have you thought about the possibility of covering up your old tiles?

Rather than removing them entirely or spending hours replacing them with newer ones. You don’t have to waste time and energy covering up the bathroom wall tiles already there!

How To Cover Wall Tiles Without Removing Them

guide to cover wall tiles without removing them

Here are some ways to cover the tiles without removing them:

1. Paint Over the Tiles

One of the best ways to cover your old colorful bathroom tiles is to paint them. Waterproof tile paints will give your tiles a clean and updated look.

When choosing the suitable tile paints for the bathroom, make sure you get a contractor who specializes in painting floors to help you out because that’s not something an amateur can do by themselves.

Before you decide what kind of tile paint you want, painter services will ask you questions about your grout so they can find the appropriate type of grout sealer for you (because some seals are stronger than others, but it also depends on how coloured or patterned your grouts are).

After all, many people fail to realize that when it comes down to tiling, even the way you install the tiles and how well – or poorly – you seal them is as important as what colour coat of paint goes on everyone.

2. Hide the Tiles With Shower Liner

Whether you decide to paint something over your tiles or install a panelling system such as a shower liner, it’s essential to make sure you take into account your specific needs and have the appropriate measurements for your space beforehand.

Mismeasured, either of these options can be more labour-intensive and time consuming than anticipated! Your investment may be unnecessary or, at the very least, not optimized for how you live in the home and which features are most important to you.

Make sure you get all of your questions answered by someone who knows their stuff – an experienced expert designing spaces that function flawlessly and beautifully.

3. Hang An Attractive Shower Curtain

hang an attractive shower curtain

Suppose you want to give your shower stall a facelift without completely gutting and rebuilding the entire thing.

In that case, you might consider veering away from the typical tile options and using a Vinyl Strip Liner.

The liner is made by applying strips of vinyl that cover the existing tiles with a new, more appealing texture.

Additionally, it will give your bathroom an upgraded look without the harmful chemicals from painting or staining your old tiles.

If you need some extra insulation — or perhaps plan to sell in some time weather — then this is something worth considering.

In certain situations, for saleability’s sake, real estate agents will recommend unique liners to mask existing issues like mouldy grout lines or unsightly tilework.

4. Attach Waterproof Wall Panels

Tile alternatives are the waterproof panels fitted in the place of tiles. These shower panel panels come in many sizes and shapes and can be cut into anything you want.

This makes them easy to install, unlike tiles that need adhesives and grouts, which prove to be hard to maintain. All you have to do is wipe these panels clean when they have any stains or spills on them to look new again.

And since most panel showers come with a variety of styles and patterns, there’s a high chance you’ll find one that will go well with your bathroom décor!

Being waterproof and affordable, these panel showers are great additions to either modern or traditional bathrooms; they’re always timeless.

5. Wallpapers and Wall Stickers

wallpapers and wall stickers

Opting for wallpaper when giving your bathroom that fresh look can be a great way to do it.

Wallpaper makes an excellent addition in any homeroom, but it’s perfect if the room has water or excessive moisture around it.

It’s not recommended that you hang wallpaper in rooms with high humidity or wet content because some types of paper won’t hold up over time.

A word of caution, though: not all wallpapers are created equal, and there are a few guidelines one should follow before settling on one.


How to cover wall tiles without removing them. I hope this article will be helpful for you in covering wall tiles without removing them.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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