How To Arrange L Shaped Sofa In Living Room

How to arrange l shaped sofa in living room? Sofa sectionals are a beloved piece of furniture in homes across the globe.

They offer style and comfort, thanks to having ample seating space and overall reliable comfort features such as back cushions.

Sofa sectionals come in all shapes and sizes, with “L” shaped sofas among the most popular due to their flexible nature (users can often choose where they want to position it).

Some people might find that fitting an “L” shaped sofa into a room can be somewhat challenging if they want to keep things tidy while still making good use of several exposed walls.

This design guide then—inspired by a range of different living rooms using sofa sectionals—looks at potential ways you could efficiently arrange your L-shaped couch in your home so as not to waste any precious floor space.

How To Arrange L Shaped Sofa In Living Room

different ways to arrange l shaped sofa in living room

One of the simplest ways to design a sectional for a small room is to use the corner space so that the couch or sofa rests on the short wall, screen, or fireplace in the same room.

This will open up the space and maximize seating without obstructing traffic flow from adjacent spaces.

Monochrome Lounge with Corner Couch

An extended sectional sofa in a large living room or common space such as this allows you and your guests to sit comfortably and lounge while also providing different surfaces for placing drinks, newspapers, or props.

You can use a square coffee table plus side tables instead to maintain a cleaner look at the other end of the spectrum.

Sectional Sofa in Small Living Room

This small but surprisingly spacious living room feels airy and opens thanks to its clever furniture placement.

The sectional L-shaped sofa tucked into the corner of the room provides ample seating while taking up less space than two separate couches.

In the center of the room sits a coffee table made entirely transparent so as not to block off any areas around its edges.

The dark sofa contrasting against white walls also helps to ground the perimeter of the space and draw the eye inward, visually expanding its boundaries as a result.

Neutral Small Living Room Layout

Sectional sofas work well in small living rooms because they condense many seats into a single piece of furniture, rather than having several sofas or armchairs struggling to fit into the space.

The L-shaped sofa in this room is a pale neutral tone to match the rest, creating a feeling of more space in a small living room.

Sectional sofas also include storage options and cushions that can be removed when necessary, further expanding this type of seating’s functionality around your home.

Luxury Living Room with Leather Sectional

L-shaped sofas often have the unfortunate tendency always to be used as room dividers. The L-shaped layout is exactly what your living room sofa needs!

If you don’t want to wind up in a rut, consider using your sofa as a divider. This gives it versatility in design and need not indicate that your living area adjoins a dining space – even if it does!

By placing the L-shaped sofa towards the middle of the room and utilizing it as a barrier between open plan areas, we create a jazzier effect than if each side was separated by a wall or two.

Curved Sectional in Luxury Living Room

This exceptional, large couch seen here is curved instead of angular like some other couches, and it softens the interior and matches the overall theme of the room.

The entire storage unit seen here doubles as a TV stand and is quite sleek in design, with each section having its personality.

Simple Layout with Sectional Sofa

The architectural elements of a living room hinder the placement of a sectional sofa against the corner of this space.

The glass doors that flank one wall of the room are floor to ceiling, and because the entrance door is placed on the opposite wall, there are no longer any obvious open spaces into which an L-shaped sofa could comfortably fit.

By positioning the sectional towards the middle of this room, one fills its living area with more large furniture pieces. Otherwise, a corner set would look less than appealing in this place due to its bare minimum size.

Open Plan Living with L-shaped Couch

This L-shaped couch is open, making the space feel large and uncluttered, instead of having that sectional backed up against the kitchen where it would define two different parts of an open-plan area.

Plus, you can always move around more freely with a couch in front of your TV and sofa bed instead of a large piece of furniture blocking your path.

There are also leather armchairs surrounding the coffee table, which faces people directly when most are seated.

Horseshoe Sectional in Comfy Living Room

This piece is a large horseshoe or U-shaped sectional with a shorter end that’s perfect for placing against the windows to obstruct light.

It fits perfectly in this space, with the low padded side facing away from the windows to leave ample legroom.

There are small tables behind the back of the sofa which work as alternatives to nightstands, and the space can be used for decorative items, cell phones, drinks, or remote controls.

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