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Gas Stove Burner Uneven Flame

Gas stove burner uneven flame. Having a blue flame on your gas cooktop is important. The hotter the flame, the more evenly it will heat your pot and the better your food taste.

If you have an erratic gas stove or there aren’t any flames, you’ll need to call a professional to take a look at it. However, if you’re experiencing uneven flames – or worse still, no flames – there are some simple things you can try before taking such drastic action.

For example, you may find that simply readjusting your gas pressure valve solves the problem for good!

Regardless of what sort of malfunction you have, we’ve got tips and tricks on how to resolve each issue once and for all quickly!

Gas Stove Burner Uneven Flame

gas stove burner uneven flame issue 2022

We will discuss here the steps for solving your flame problem.

Place a Burner Cap in the Right Place

Each burner on your gas cooktop has a burner head for you to ignite the flames and a burner cap that sits on top of it. While some might see this as a protective covering, in reality, it is an important piece of hardware.

When a burner cap is not in the proper position, the gas cannot escape from underneath, resulting in either a low flame or uneven burning.

When burners fail to function correctly, it is often due to a poorly placed cap. First, ensure that your burner has an even base so that no matter where you put the tank on top, two legs hold up the tank and, therefore, two sides to light the gas.

When all factors are in working order, you should see flames on both sides at all times, which indicates that your burner is working properly.

Clean burner head

A clogged burner head is one of the most common reasons for weak or uneven flames on your gas stove. The unappealingly filthy burner head is encircled by small openings that allow gas to escape and be ignited to create flames.

As a result, fat and other food particles can clog these vital passageways. Furthermore, sponges used to wipe the cooktop can push these items into the slots rather than properly wiping them away.

So keep a watch on what’s happening around those holes because they’re highly susceptible to being filled with residue and other unwanted elements that emit poor consequences in terms of flame quality over time.

When several spots on the burner head become blocked, your chances of getting powerful flames with great heat output are minimal; thus, keeping this area clean is important.

Replace a Valve

If none of the above fixes your issues, you might need a new valve. Stove valves do not wear down as quickly as lightbulbs despite being used almost daily.

Yet, when something goes wrong, it’s usually the valve that causes problems for which you might want to replace your current one before it causes bigger problems and ends up in a leaky old stove!


What’s the deal with my uneven gas burners?

The cap might be put into the burner incorrectly, which usually causes the canister to self-ignite.

This problem doesn’t require a lot of work, and you need only to turn off your stove and let it cool for at least 5 minutes before cleaning out all the residue leftover from its ignition and carrying on as normal. That’s all there is to it!

Why is my gas burner sputtering?

If your gas burner is hissing, sputtering, or not burning correctly, it could be that the flame is either too small or too big.

The issue could be caused by not supplying enough of a certain ingredient used in your recipe (like air) or perhaps giving too much of one specific ingredient used in making whatever you happen to be cooking (like a much larger amount of oxygen, for example).

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