Effective Methods to Cut Cultured Marble

Effective methods to cut cultured marble. Cutting marble isn’t a standard DIY skill, and it is primarily for stonemasons and carpenters to cut.

That being said, if you own or plan on purchasing a nice piece of cultured marble, then you need to learn how to cut it yourself. In this article, we will tell you how to cut cultured marble.

You can choose from different varieties of marble and use it for decorative purposes in your home or office, and you can even select the same for flooring, wall cladding, or both.

Effective Methods to Cut Cultured Marble

two effective methods to cut cultured marble

There are two effective ways to cut cultured marble:

  • Miter saw.
  • Circular saw.

If you want to cut the cultured marble into strips, you should use a circular saw, which will allow you to make straight cuts.

But if you are missing the cultured marble for tiles, you should use a miter saw.

Miter Saw Method

Step 1:
Measure the area you want to cut in the cultured marble with measuring tape. Transfer the measurements to paper, adding 2 inches to each dimension, so you have room for error when cutting.

Step 2:

Lay the paper over the cultured marble and outline it in pencil. Use a straight edge as much as possible to ensure your lines are accurate.

Step 3:

Place a masking tape over the pencil lines on the cultured marble. The masking tape will help keep your drill bit from slipping on the cultured marble and ruining your cut line.

Step 4:

Drill a hole in each corner of your outline on the tape so you have an opening large enough to fit your jigsaw blade through.

Place a piece of scrap wood beneath where you are drilling to protect your work surface from damage caused by drilling. Remove all of the parts that were cut out by drilling.

Circular Saw Method

Cultured marble is an inexpensive alternative to natural marble, and it is much easier to handle. It can be cut with a circular saw or a grinder equipped with a masonry blade.

Step 1:

Place the marble on a stable surface and mark the cut line on top of the material with a felt-tip marker.

Step 2:

Measure and mark the depth at which you want to cut. Mark this measurement on the side of your circular saw blade by placing a piece of masking tape around it near the base plate.

This will serve as a guide while cutting so you don’t accidentally go too deep.

Step 3:

Clamp a straightedge on top of the marble along the cut line. This will act as a guide for your circular saw blade as you cut through the marble, helping to ensure that you make an accurate straight cut.

Step 4:

Please turn on your circular saw and slowly guide it along the edge of the straightedge, making sure that it follows along with it as closely as possible. Allow time for the dust to clear before stopping to check your progress.

What is cultured marble?

Cultured marble is a blend of polyester resin, fillers, and pigments with a clear gel coat finish on top. It gives the look of marble without the high cost.

Cultured marble is an excellent material for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops, but it can be expensive for homeowners on a budget.

If you have a cultured marble countertop or vanity and need to cut into it for any reason, you can do it yourself with the right tools and know-how.


Effective methods to cut cultured marble. Doing this is pretty straightforward and didn’t cost much. I used a different size cutting bit and a straight edge.

After that, it was just some rotary grinding and hand sanding, and then I did some tung oil to seal it. If you have to cut cultured marble, chances are you will have to do it down the road, and possibly you will forget some steps.

So, if you want not to damage it and get the best result, you’ll have to read this article.

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