best water jug for camping

Best Water Jug For Camping

Best water jug for camping. Campfires can quickly turn a great outdoor experience into a nightmare if you don’t have the right equipment.

You might think that carrying large amounts of water would be the hardest part, but if you’re not using the right containers to store it properly, finding room for all those empty bottles can be extremely problematic as well.

It’s worth your time and money to invest in some high-quality camping water containers so that you don’t end up aggravated by being packed around with all those extra packets of plastic and squeezing moist slimy fruits and vegetables through them only to get dirty hands from all the gunk they’ve collected over the years.

We decided to take care of some of the hard work by testing out a handful of camping water containers in order to give you our most honest reviews.

So that you’ll know what features are essential when shelling out your hard earned cash on this important purchase.

6 Best Water Jug For Camping

1. Igloo 6 Gallon Camping Water Container

igloo 6 gallon camping water container

Igloo is a brand that is well-known for their utilitarian cooking and beverage containers. As can be expected, Igloo also has a line of water containers which range in size – giving consumers the option to find one that fits their unique needs.

This particular camping water container is larger than most; making it ideal for people who go out camping often, or travel through more remote areas where they need extra water nearby.

The rugged plastic design makes it nearly indestructible, so you know it’ll last through lots of regular use.

Since it was slightly wider than some other containers on the market, we found it noticeably easier to pack into a vehicle that was already carrying other camping supplies – another reason to recommend this item!

The 6 Gallon Water Container by Igloo is designed to be used in a rugged environment – so whether you’re in your headquarters or out on the road, this water container will get the job done.

What’s more, it works for purposes other than when recovering from a power outage. The molded-in top and side handles make carrying your water easy and spill-free no matter where you are.

2. WaterStorageCube Collapsible Water Container

waterstoragecube collapsible water container

When you’re loading all your gear back into the car after you return from your adventurous trip, this container will fold flat and leave plenty of room for a whole load of other things you might have brought.

When you’re completely empty, it collapses completely flat and makes transport a popular choice with anyone who appreciates staying organized on their outings.

When storage is required, it can easily be layered in a cabinet or put away in under an existing sink. this is very useful for washing hands while camping.

However, there’s no vent so the water flow slows down considerably until it barely works at all. You’ll need to release pressure by lifting off the lid and replacing on top of the container again when pouring is complete.

The Water Storage Cube is safe, convenient, and inexpensive. What’s great about this product is that it’s free of BPA, PVC and DEHP, meaning you no longer have to worry about toxic chemicals getting into your water while you’re out.

Additionally, this best water jug for camping can hold 50 gallons – ensuring that it will be able to store enough water for everyone in your family.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of storage space once folded up. The fact that it comes in several different colors allows you to match the design with your outdoor decor!

3. LCI Plastic Water Can, 5-gallon

lci plastic water can, 5-gallon

This LCI water can is the standard-issue can distributed to military personnel. It’s made of virtually indestructible polyethylene, which reduces rust and abrasion to help keep its shape over time.

This genuine military-issue water can is built to the same tough standards you’d expect of any other piece of equipment used by our favorite troops and is completely BPA-free, so your water stays safe inside for storage.

The convenient locking top with drinking spout lets you drink straight from the can without having to open it up fully, which makes it easy and quick to draw a sip whenever you need something to drink.

This can also comes in handy when it comes time to stack or store things neatly. You’ll be able set several cans neatly on top of each other as they take up less room this way when stored than if they were all lying around one another.

These military-issued cans are great for keeping your squad hydrated on deployment! These genuine military issue water cans are designed to preserve the quality of drinking water.

These are excellent for home, camp and cabin survival storage. Made from high quality plastic with a venting cap for easy pouring, these store compactly and easily. The handle design prevents mixing up with your fuel canisters during use in the dark.

4. Reliance Products Carrier, 5 Gallons

reliance products carrier, 5 gallons

The Fold-A-Carrier is the collapsible version of the company’s Aqua-Tainer. Both containers are made from a BPA-free food grade polyethylene plastic, which collapses down to a small packed size when not in use.

This conveniently makes this best water jug for camping a versatile option for transporting in the back of a vehicle where space is limited. The container itself is very lightweight, tipping the scales at just 10.4 oz (294g).

However despite its light weight and foldable design, the flexible plastic on the Fold-A will not crack or break from freezing temperatures making it suitable for overnight camping trips at dry campsites or even around your campground in cold weather.

Additionally the Fold-A has an easy flow spigot that allows you to turn water on and off quickly for filling up water bottles and washing your hands – great for everything from hauling groceries to keeping mud out of your eyes in wet conditions!

The Fold-A-Carrier is a distinctive collapsible water container from the folds of the Napapijri archives. Made from polyethylene, it allows for completely leak-proof transport of cold or hot beverages thanks to its tight seals and double handle design.

It makes for an attractive promotional item thanks to its look and feel, which confirms once again the brand’s commitment to high quality.

5. RotopaX Water Pack – 2 Gallon Capacity

rotopax water pack - 2 gallon capacity

If you need a reliable RotopaX water container that is best at outdoor use, then you should consider the RX2W.

Many users of this particular product has backed up its claim to really be high quality and durable. One can also notice the fact that its water containers are constructed from high quality materials which will give you assurance.

They will last you for a very long time as it is even capable of taking on rugged road trips special for outdoors enthusiasts like hunters and campers.

No matter your adventures are all about, water will be your companion but with the RotopaX being such a trustworthy and dependable partner, handling this important job just got easier than before.

Each Rotopax container is extremely versatile. They are designed to securely attach via suction cups to any flat surface of your car, truck, or camper, and can be stacked or linked together with additional Rotopax containers such as fuel cans or trailside emergency kits.

The only pain point may be that the individual Rotopax containers cost a few dollars more than other camping water containers out there on the market.

And if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to add mounting accessories or other options to your camping loadout (which also cost a few bucks extra).

6. Coghlan’s Expandable Water Carrier, 2-Gallon

best water jug for camping in 2022

While it’s a good idea to have a container that doubles as a way to hold additional water, it’s also important for the container in question to be able to stand upright independently from having water added to its capacity.

With a price tag that’s so low and an expandable capacity, this Coghlan’s Expandable Water Carrier is supposed to be an affordable option when it comes down to whether one needs something for transporting water or not.

However, there seems to be some issues with adding water which causes the base of the said product not being able to keep itself upright, rendering any kind of pouring of liquids very inconvenient and entirely unrealistic given these circumstances.

Despite having a few small flaws, like not being able to hold much water and becoming damaged rather quickly, the Coghlan’s water carrier is still quite sturdy overall.

Our only complaint about this best water jug for camping is the construction of its handle, which can make carrying heavy loads uncomfortable after extended use.

For the price you pay for this product (which isn’t much) we were impressed by how much utility it provides and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, low-cost way to transport water.


Is it better to drink water out of glass or stainless steel?

Compared to glass, a stainless steel water bottle is deemed to be more durable, keeping beverages hot or cold for longer periods of time.

While both types of bottles are safe from harmful chemicals, which is heightened by the fact that you can clean them easily in a dishwasher.

They are BPA free and can keep the drinks tasting purer and smoother than those found in plastic bottles.

How long is water good for in plastic jugs?

Bottled water is actually very easy to keep track of as long as one knows how to read the labels. Pure tap water usually expires within six months.

However, if that was not the case, one might find a coding system on bottle labeling that can tell consumers when they should be drinking up!

An unopened bottled water will last two years while opened bottles can only survive a few weeks.

How do you clean a scepter water can?

To sanitize a 5 gallon can of water like that used for water security storage in your home, add about 1/4 cup of bleach to the water along with a full load and let it sit overnight.

Rinse out the container thoroughly the next day with fresh, clean water to be sure the bleach is gone before filling it up again for use.

Are stainless steel water bottles safer than plastic?

However, there are other types of plastic that present dangers as well. For example, , which has been linked to diabetes, liver disease and cancer in recent studies.

If you want to avoid harmful chemicals from plastic bottles, then another option that is the best alternative is a food-quality stainless steel water bottle.

It doesn’t contain any of those chemicals and it can keep liquids hot or cold for quite a while without any problems.

What containers are safe for storing water?

You will need a strong container in which to store your water. The general rule of thumb is that you should use food-grade plastic containers.

You can also store your water in glass bottles but only if they came from the factory within relative proximity to the food industry and have never been used otherwise.

Another option is storing your water in stainless steel, but the chlorine you will use to treat the water with can corrode it so we do not recommend using this as a means of storage for your supply


Best water jug for camping. When we’re camping, having enough water to last the duration of our trip is extremely important. Water is necessary for drinking, cooking and cleaning around the campsite. We believe that it’s important to have multiple options in case there are unforeseen circumstances while out in nature.

We researched various water containers that campers use including contain a large amount of water. After conducting careful analysis, we were able to determine the three most efficient products that fit our needs as well as many various other campers’ needs who enjoy trekking across various terrain while they set up camp at their favorite secluded getaway spots.

Our favorite overall was the Igloo Corporation Water Container which held 6-gallons of water with a slim design perfect for packing away just about anywhere and at an affordable price for any camper who doesn’t want to worry about not having enough supplies or water to sustain them throughout their trip.

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