Best Walk Behind String Trimmers Reviews

Best Walk Behind String Trimmers Reviews

Best walk behind string trimmers reviews. If you’re looking for an efficient tool that will not only trim but maintain and shape the hard to reach places around your fence, garden, and yard.

Without causing undue stress on your joints or back because of the equipment you need to lug around, then you’re in luck.

Walk behind trimmers are a great tool for keeping your yard landscaped and looking neat. Many homeowners choose to have landscaped yards with various features planted here and there.

What’s not so easy is finding a good model that is durable, efficient and will get the job done with as little stress as possible.

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of the top ten walk behind string trimmers on the market today we have it right here!

We haven’t just outlined all the stats like the cut swath or height, engine specs, maneuverability or anything else in this guide either.

6 Best Walk Behind String Trimmers Reviews

1. Southland Outdoor Power Field Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Field Trimmer

Southland SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer can accomplish tough tasks with a 150-cc overhead valve engine capable of producing a 5.75 ft-lb torque.

Best walk behind string trimmers reviews makes the most of the trimmer head’s quad line cutters, each of which measuring 0.155 in diameter, that will easily take care of tall grass and brush on your lawn.

In addition to a 22-inch wide swath, you’ll also appreciate the easy maneuverability over uneven terrain made possible by its 12-inch wheels, foam-lined handle and manual recoil for quick starting.

The handle even folds down for easy storage! Southland SWFT15022 is EPA and CARB compliant as well. The Southland SWSTM4317 wheeled grass trimmer can cover up to 2 acres of land in one go.

In comparison with units of the same strength, the 25cc engine gives this device over 35% more torque. The 20″ wheels mean that you won’t need a lot of room for storage.

If you compare the Swstm4317 with standard belt models, we think you’ll also appreciate its superior ergonomics.

This model offers a 20 to 30 degree head swivel which makes it easy to cut along walls and fences without having to move the unit off-center too much.

The SWSTM4317 comes with an adjustable loop handle that can be raised or lowered to allow the user to find their perfect balance while they mow their lawn.

The loop handle has a spring-loaded throttle control that is easy to use, meaning there’s less effort required from the user when operating this machine.

2. Remington Walk-Behind String Trimmer

Remington Walk-Behind String Trimmer

Remington RM1159 is unlike other similar brands in that it comes with a 4-cycle engine that gives you the performance you need to get all of your jobs done faster than ever.

With this in mind, one could say that it’s crafted to handle tall, stubborn weeds such as dandelions and even small saplings – but this really depends on the job at hand so always be sure you are using the right trimmer line size!

The standard line size is 0.155 inches, but having said this you’ll find yourself coming across more than one size during use because breakage can happen easily while working – which means when changing strings there’s plenty of options if needed.

Moreover, Remington RM1159 walk behind wheeled string trimmer mower comes equipped with 14-inch ball-bearing wheels that make maneuvering easier on uneven terrain and through thick bush.

The entire equipment weighs 78 pounds but has the capacity to deal with uneven ground as well as thick bush.

However, it might be a bit heavy to store, so this is something you should take into consideration if you’re only used to smaller trimmers.

This user-friendly weed whacker will help alleviate the stress from big jobs which could be tricky to handle. It’s compact size lets you get into those hard to reach areas and lets you clear tall weeds and grass in no time!

The 22″ cutting diameter makes it easier to trim in those hard to reach places, while the large wheels make it easy to maneuver around smaller spaces.

Thanks to its light weight and ergonomic design, the Weed Eater Trimmer is easy to push around your yard with ease.

3. EARTHQUAKE String Trimmer

EARTHQUAKE String Trimmer

This trimmer is equipped with a no-stop 150cc engine that uses 4-cycle technology and features a steel one-piece deck for low vibration, quiet operation and durability.

It offers 14-inch wheels that make it easy to maneuver through rough areas; the never go flat tires ensure you’ll continue work even in the event of a busted tire.

Its 22-inch wide cutting swath makes it ideal for precise cuts along fences, walls and other obstacles. Besides its low weight at just 63 pounds, this tool is great for reaching those hard to access places with its adjustable handlebar.

Its EPA and CARB compliant design allows the use of standard line diameters while offering the ease of storing it out on your property.

The Earthquake String Mower is the product of hobby gardeners and professional landscapers who had their fill of having so much physical effort put into cutting up tall grass and weeds manually with string trimmers.

They understood that while they used electric trimmers with low fuel consumption, carrying them around yards and gardens rapidly became a chore that resulted in perspiration and risk of back injury.

This patented never-kill engine configuration allows you to disengage your cutting head to remove sticks and branches from your cutting path and then re-engage it without having to restart your engine.

Features like a one-piece steel deck and heavy-duty nylon line make for quick, easy, satisfying results.

4. Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer

Husqvarna Wheel Trimmer

The Husqvarna HU675HWT High Wheel Trimmer features a 163cc engine with an 11.6-gallon fuel tank.

As is standard, the machine has a 22-inch cut swath, not to mention an adjustable cutting height between 1.6 and 3.0 inches.

A dial on the handle helps you set the cutting height quickly and easily without any tools required to change it.

Weighing 71 lbs, you’ll get 12-inch rear wheels for pushing or pulling as you desire. These high wheel trimmers are typically used for taller grasses.

But these heavier models struggle even uphill terrain so make sure you have plenty of muscle power before using this model!

Unfortunately, the pull start is made from hard plastic which eat up your very precious muscles when trying to get started if you don’t have great upper body strength.

On the other hand, the ergonomic handle makes steering easy and requires little effort to work around your yard effectively and efficiently!

Best walk behind string trimmers reviews is CARB and EPA compliant, with a cutting line of 0.155 inches while also producing plenty of vibration as well as a plastic carrier plate that breaks easily.

Despite these drawbacks, this model still works especially well in hard-to-maintain spaces that regular lawnmowers cannot reach like narrow pathways between plant beds or the undercarriage of bushes for instance.

5. TAZZ One-Piece Cutting Swath

TAZZ One-Piece Cutting Swath

this unit from Tazz is a great choice for anyone considering its features. It has an easy-to-use single piece steel deck that reduces vibrations and wear commonly found with traditional two piece decks.

But this model also comes with a handy never-kill engine that makes it easier to trim any obstacles without having to turn your entire trimmer off and on again.

If you’re planning on going through thick reeds frequently, the Tazz 35258 will make life easier by reducing your stress over constantly turning your entire unit off to get rid of debris in places that cannot be reached with the cutting head of the unit.

In those sorts of situations, this feature will prove exceptionally useful as it saves a great deal of time, energy and stress!

Best walk behind string trimmers reviews features plenty of power to get the job done. It easily clears thick grass, weeds, and other foliage such as tree lines and fence lines.

When it comes to reaching hard-to-reach places, take this mower out for a spin! It’s great at cleaning up the perimeter of your yard in narrow corners where you typically can’t fit your typical lawn mower.

This Mower features a single-piece steel deck designed to reduce vibration while increasing stability on rough terrain.

Additionally, this mower has 155-inch nylon line that provides 22-inches of cutting width for large jobs.

6. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer


When it comes to walk-behind string trimmers, Black & Decker’s MTC220 is one of the most impressive on the market.

Powerful yet light and compact, this efficient trimmer is the perfect tool for keeping your lawn looking sharp. The 20V Lithium ion battery can hold a charge up to five times longer than standard 18V NiCad laminated batteries.

So you’ll be putting less burden on our environment as you take care of your lawn. This eco friendly unit works on all sorts of terrain, including hills and bumpy lawns.

So you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with regular edgers just because certain areas may require more effort (or elbow grease).

Not only that but it’s multi-functional and doubles as an edge trimmer and lawn mower so not only will your lawn stay well shaved, it’ll never grow back again!

This is a model that takes 60 minutes to charge and can give you 2 hours of work time on each battery. You can use it as a hand trimmer or a lawnmower,

But if you’re using it as a lawnmower, the design means the motor is sufficient enough for trimming but not strong enough to be pulled behind you – so keep that in mind!


Is trimmer boss worth it?

This trimmer head is truly a tough one when it comes to mowing weeds, cleaning, and edging walkways. I’m very happy with the way it cuts through grass.

After the manufacturer recommended 55° offset was adjusted according to my height in order for me to be able to comfortably use it.

The edge finishing piece on this curved blade does an incredible job of curving around edges and really makes your yard stand out!

What is better than a string trimmer?

Brush cutters are more powerful than string trimmers, but they can still be used for clearing dense and thick grasses, weeds and undergrowth without a problem.

In fact, with the correct accessories, brush cutters are even capable of cutting down small trees.

Are electric trimmers any good?

Electric grass trimmers are also much quieter than gas-powered models. While you will still want to be mindful of your safety and wear ear protection, the reduction in noise means you won’t disturb the neighbors as much.

Your family will also appreciate having a low-noise lawn care appliance since it’s quieter and doesn’t require extra care when it comes to keeping the house immaculately clean (compared with gas powered models).


Best walk behind string trimmers reviews. We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive guide to the top 10 walk behind string trimmers. With this information you will be able to find a model that will be the best fit for all of your landscaping needs.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on the topic like this!

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