best vacuum for dust collection

Best Vacuum For Dust Collection

Best vacuum for dust collection. Gone are the days when you had to scrub sawdust, wood shavings, and other large debris out of your workshop by hand.

Today, powerful shop vacuums eliminate the need for manual cleaning. They’ve become indispensable tools in professional workshops and even households.

Professionals constantly search for their dream shop vacuum that can banish their workload’s headaches away forever!

However, sometimes we invest in a mediocre product only to realize that buying it was an absolute waste of our investment.

To help you make better purchasing decisions, we’ve extensively researched some of the most highly-rated shop vacs on Amazon, a breakdown of their premium features, and areas where they could improve.

Also, do not forget to read this comprehensive guide we’ve attached so that you can easily decide which one is best.

8 Best Vacuum For Dust Collection

1. Vacmaster Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

vacmaster wet dry shop vacuum

When it comes to the best shop vacs, our unanimous and overall winner is the Vacmaster VBV1210 because of its many user-friendly and handy features.

The nineteen-foot reach allows you to get to those hard-to-reach places in your garage or tool shed. (No longer does reaching for the spider rubber band need to be such a chore!)

The 2½ inch diameter hose lets you quickly pick up larger objects and provides years of durability. With a no-load speed of 210 MPH, the powerful blower circulates plenty of air into your workspace.

You weigh 13 pounds, and with three storage casters, two extension tools – which are stored on the canister itself – and two additional onboard tools, including a crevice tool and utility nozzle, you can reach corners easily without bending over much.

You can quickly switch between dry pick-ups using the cartridge filter to let dry particles through and wet pick-ups using the washable foam filter that will give you suction power when you need it most.

2. CRAFTSMAN Wet Dry Vacuum

craftsman wet dry vacuum

This heavy-duty shop vacuum is loaded with features to tackle those large projects.

Its 6½ HP, the 2½-inch diameter hose, and the fact that you have a 20-foot power cord, 15-foot timer, and 7-foot hose mean that you get to spend more time doing what you love.

Which is taking care of large debris in your garage or on your Jobsite. You’re given two extension wands, utility nozzles, and a car nozzle.

The Quick-Lock filter system makes it easy to switch between dry clean-ups to wet ones – which means it’s convenient for you if some of your tasks require you to switch gears.

This best vacuum for dust collection comes with an automatic drain that allows you to quickly empty its contents or get on with other things to finish up quickly and move on while leaving specific tasks on auto-pilot.

3. Armor Utility Shop Vacuum

armor utility shop vacuum

This portable Wet/Dry vacuum is perfect for your home and household chores! With the 2.5-gallon canister capacity, the lightweight device and the 2 HP motor make cleaning more accessible.

You’ll have no problem picking up dry and wet debris, and you won’t believe how much cleaner carpets get after using this thing!

Additionally, this best vacuum for dust collection comes equipped with an auto shut-off feature and a built-in air and noise diffuser, which will reduce the sound of the powerful motor.

With Built-in storage, you will never forget where each of your attachments is, and popping in your dusting brush is a cinch!

When it comes time to put away toy shop vacs, clean out the canisters first, then secure all of your tools. Then finish by wrapping up the 10′ cord around the top handle.

4. RIDGID Portable Wet Dry Vacuum

ridgid portable wet dry vacuum

Rigid manufactures one of the smaller portable, wet/dry vacuums. Coming in a standard 4-gallon capacity, it has a stronger five-peak HP motor and costs more than some competitors.

The 8-foot hose, with the 20-foot power cord, makes it the longest-reaching vacuum we looked at. However, this vacuum doesn’t have any wands included; only something that can help clean your car.

If you need to utilize the blower, you do not have to worry about doing so. The easy Filter Fastening System allows you to remove the filter for cleaning or change whenever necessary.

When storing your machine, you can wrap up your lengthy power cord around the comfortable handle, but there are no onboard storage compartments for other attachments.

5. DEWALT Dust Extractor

dewalt dust extractor

Let’s see why having a quality product is essential. Let’s review the Dewalt DWV010 dust extractor vacuum.

Despite its high price tag, it has not been known to have many benefits other than a HEPA-certified filter which helps keep the air clean as you vacuum, and an automatic filter cleans pulsates every 30 seconds.

It is more potent than the average vacuum — 15 amps — with suction of larger particles, but that does not seem to translate into greater efficiency for your daily clean-up.

But you do get an anti-static hose for some added reach of 15 feet by 1¼-inch diameter (8 ft long power cord).

6. Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuum

shop-vac wet dry vacuum

This Shop-Vac has a 14-gallon canister in addition to the other top-notch features it boasts. The Bobcat’s 6.5 peak horsepower motor also works with its front casters and rollers, making it a capable cleaner that can do anything you need.

When it comes to longer jobs like big messes or construction jobs, this vacuum is undoubtedly an efficient machine and makes getting the job done right every time due to its premium level design.

The attributes that make this vacuum worth its price are not as attractive for those who will primarily be using it around their home.

So one may wish to pass on this one if they aren’t going to use all of its capabilities often enough.

7. WORKSHOP Vacuum Cleaner

workshop vacuum cleaner

This particular vacuum cleaner is built to perform in the rough and tumble landscape. With its tool-less wand, heavy-duty hose, large wheels, and locking latch, this vacuum cleaner is ready to tackle tough stains.

The swivel casters make it easy to travel across different terrains, while the extension wands ensure that everything gets done correctly.

There is a utility nozzle for cleaning cars, a crevice tool for hard-to-reach places, an extension pole for those tricky high ceilings, and a wet nozzle for when things get dirty or greasy.

This wet dry vacuum cleaner also works with multiple filters:

  1. Standard Filters
  2. HEPA Media Cartridge Filters
  3. Wet Application Filter
  4. Dust Collection Bags

8. Bissell Wall Mounted Vacuum

best vacuum for dust collection in 2022

The Bissell Garage Pro is a convenient accessory for your workshop. Its powerful performance capabilities to clean filters, oil, wood chips, and other workshop contaminants give it a distinct advantage over other competitors in this category.

Its unique filter-water separation technology extracts water from the collected mess before sending it through the water hose to the sink.

At the same time, its HEPA filter traps up to 99% of tiny dust particles, leaving you with cleaner spaces in your garage or workplace.

Its innovative design with a long 48-inch hose on its vacuum can be conveniently placed on the wall using its mounting brackets, so you don’t have to crawl around on the floor anymore when cleaning your workspace.

You will also appreciate such useful accessories as its bin full alert feature that beeps when the waste container needs emptying and operable latches that allow you to open or remove both sides of the bin in seconds without wrestling or straining.

Buying Guide – Best Vacuum For Dust Collection

1. Noise Levels

It is common for workshops to be messy. This can be attributed to the power tools in operation. Even shop vacs, which are typically thought of as clean and organized, can be pretty messy and dusty because they have so much suction.

We would argue that dirty shop vacs are powerful. But not all-powerful vacuums are loud like that – actually, a lot of them are much quieter than you’d imagine!

So if you’re looking for something powerful in a vacuum where ‘smooth sailing’ is essential, always seek out a vacuum with low noise levels.

2. Cord Length

In most cases, you will have your shop vac plugged into a power outlet in your home. Considering that you might want to move it around, acquiring one with a long cord range of 12-20 feet would greatly help.

We would advise you to go for the best-rated shop vac equipped with the most amount of cord length power due to limitations in this area.

Still, once you get past the 15-foot mark, it’s pretty hard to tell what’s making more of a difference, and we could use personal opinion regarding pricing/features, which is why we’re leaving it out.

3. Power

The best shop vac for dust collection has to be powerful to be a highly efficient maker. One must use a lot of power and strength when moving heavy objects around the workstation.

Additionally, you need to be aware that picking up small particles requires much finesse and expertise. If you aren’t trained in handling such levels of precision, it’s better not to deal with them at all.

Therefore, we advise everyone who loves crafting things at home to invest in a high-quality sandblaster; one with incredible horsepower (like 3.5 HP) will do wonders for cleaning away small pieces of wood or plastic without leaving behind enormous piles of a mess afterward.

4. Storage Size

It’s also essential to consider shop vac size. Some are smaller, some are larger, and the size of your shop vac will heavily depend on how much free space you have to store it.

If a smaller unit works better for you, it can be a good idea to get one with ample storage space so that you don’t have to empty the tank frequently throughout your day.

5. Cost

If you consider buying a shop vac, there are several price considerations you must make:

1. The more influential the device, the higher its price tag is likely to be.
2. If your budget is limited, less expensive brands are available that can still get the job done.
3. It’s easy to overspend, especially when shopping online and not having enough money to spend on other necessities of life.

So when examining shop vacs for sale online, make sure to know your budget and how much spare cash you have at hand.

Suppose possible to visit local repair shops or hardware stores to inspect different kinds of vacuums before placing your order.

This way, you won’t regret it even if the product arrives late because you’ll be sure about its quality and your purchase decision.


Best vacuum for dust collection. Many have already stated the importance of a shop vac. As I mentioned at the onset of this article, dust is a health hazard, and you should work on ways as much as possible to secure your place/shop free of it. If such applies to you, then it’d be best for you to get one of the very best shop vacs on the market to keep everyone who comes into your workplace or store safe from harm.

One top model is the RIDGID 50313 4000RV Portable Wet Dry Vacuum. It has some outstanding features explicitly intended to keep people safe while they’re in your workshop or warehouse area. To give you what is deemed a detailed review, we took some time and sorted through the best shop vacs on the market right now so that my article would include information about only what’s truly worth buying.

We hope my article proves helpful even as you look for a vacuum cleaner to serve your business well – let me know what you think.

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