Best Tool For Removing Tiles

Best tool for removing tiles. Best tool for removing tiles. If you’re looking for ways to update your home and make it more contemporary.

One of the best investments you could make would be to update the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Tiles are such an affordable way to give your floors and walls a face-lift while also making them easier to clean!

If you decide that you want to remove your tiles before having new flooring fitted into place, you’ll need to consider what tools will work best to help with this process.

Best Tool For Removing Tiles

Removing bathroom tiles can be a hassle, especially if you are a beginner. It can affect your morale. If you lack experience, it’s even harder to choose the right equipment for removing them!

This is why so many people end up in bathrooms with a tool that isn’t suitable and they get tired of the process.

On top of all this, they bump their head on the wall or cut themselves on the tile edges thus making their lives miserable. But not anymore!

Here are some tools to help you remove tiles easily:

Masonry Chisel

A masonry chisel is a specialized tool that can be used to get rid of tiles from the floor.

It will help with cutting into the tile and breaking it away from the surface area on which it sits, allowing for more accessible and less threatening removal of those unwanted tiles underfoot.

One way to use the masonry chisel effectively is to try your best not only to drive it through the tile in question but to also break up any remaining pieces of tile underneath by striking it repeatedly with another long, straight chisel ideally made out of metal or more robust material if you plan on doing more than one job.


If you want to remove your tiles, but don’t want to spend too much money on specialist tools, then a hammer is the next best thing.

Most people will already have a hammer lying around their garage or shed, but if you don’t, they are the type of tool that only cost a few dollars and are easy to find at any hardware store.

You can also use hammers for alternative uses at home or within your garden so that it would be an excellent investment for your home.


A sledgehammer should be your go-to weapon of choice when you need to demolish tiles. These heavy, long-handled tools are designed to break apart the most robust materials with relative ease.

Since they are so adept at cracking up walls, floors, and other structures, they can also come in handy when working on a challenging project involving removing tiles under difficult areas like a bathroom where space is limited.

One thing to keep in mind is that because these tools are so heavy, if swinging one around isn’t enough to take out those stubborn tiles you were hoping would break when slammed with a sledgehammer’s massive weight, try using two to knock things down.

Drill with Tile Drill Bit

A chisel is used to remove stubborn tiles. A tile removal device can be inserted into the drill holes you’ve created in the tile, giving you something to get a hold of while lifting them off the floor.

Depending on the material of your flooring or tiles, you may need a different type of drill bit. Ceramic ones are notoriously difficult.

Because they tend to shatter and break easily when hammered against. Diamond drill bits are ideal for breaking apart these materials instead of destroying them into hundreds of pieces.

Floor Scraper

If your tiles aren’t stuck down too tightly, then you may be able to remove all of them with just a floor scraper. This is an inexpensive instrument for scraping tiles and grout off the floor.

The scraper holds a fragile edge, used for getting under the tile, and then one press on the handle to lift said tile. You can get these devices anywhere that offers household tools, and they are pretty sturdy.

Still, there are many other house chores they will be unable to handle effectively, in addition to removing stickers off hardwood floors because they were not glued in place very well or too much at all, such as repairing holes where your walls have been damaged, etc.

Demolition Fork

A demolition fork can work as an alternative to a pry bar. It looks very similar to a pry bar, except that one end is encased in metal, whereas most pry bars have “flat” ends.

These are made entirely of steel, just like most pry bars, which makes them very sturdy and reliable, ideal for use in demolishing tiles or other renovation projects.

To use this tool to remove tiles, you would insert the fork-shaped portion under the raw edge of the tile, then put pressure down on the handle, causing the fork section to point upwards and lift the tile as it goes.


A jackhammer is like a large version of an air hammer; it works similarly using forced air, but it is much more powerful.

You will probably have seen jackhammers used before, usually in commercial situations, where they are used to dig up roads or paths.

If you have a large area of tile to remove, then a jackhammer will get the job done in no time, but there are many factors to consider before racing out to lease or buy one as there are some disadvantages that come with its strengths.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are an excellent way to avoid getting injured while doing a job. They will protect your eyes from any hazardous material that could be released during your work.

They will also cover the tiny pieces of things such as grout or even small tile shards that may fly up into your face. Additionally, wearing a pair of safety goggles will help you see clearly.

So you can perform your job without impeding your ability to succeed when it comes down to removing those tiles.


A vacuum is a must-have during sealing tile. Removing tiles will cause dust, and you should vacuum up the sand as you go to prevent it from becoming excessive to the point that it blocks your eyesight.

Vacuuming at intervals will also prevent too much dust from going into other areas of your home, so make sure your reno projects don’t turn entire rooms into dust bunnies!

It’s essential not to use your regular vacuum, though, because their bin would likely become clogged by thick dust that can slow down their suction power or even stop them completely.


We recommend investing in a wheelbarrow when working on tile projects. It is very likely that you already have one around the house.

Which means all you have to do is buy or borrow a few buckets and shovels, some old towels, and any necessary cleaning products so that you can start preparing for your project.

After speaking with our construction experts here at XYZ Dirt Cheap, we discovered that the advantages of using a wheelbarrow far outweigh not owning one.

Work Gloves

Work gloves are a lot like pillows. They protect your skin against any scratches that might otherwise take place on your hands, especially when handling sharp or rough objects.

Work gloves should be worn anytime you’re constructing or deconstructing anything for a specific job.

They will help keep the rest of your body safe from any cuts or bruises as well, so make sure that when you’re starting up something new, work gloves should always be one of the first things you buy.

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