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Best Pool Water Test Kit

Best pool water test kit. Whether you like it or not, you will often test your pool water. Chlorine and pH are vital components of trying the quality of any pool, and it also ensures that no serious health hazards will occur for anyone who uses the collection.

One way to make this easier is by investing in a substantial swimming pool kit that can withstand wear and tear over time and accommodate multiple tests at once.

Some kits are too fragile to use frequently, some aren’t accurate enough, and others aren’t worth the cost. You can avoid all of these pitfalls by investing wisely in the correct type of kit for your needs.

8 Best Pool Water Test Kit

1. LaMotte ColorQ Pool Test Kit

lamotte color pool test kit

The LaMotte ColorQ Pro is an outstanding pool test kit. The only thing keeping the ColorQ from being the most raved about pool tester on the market is its high price tag.

Where our Taylor K-2006 Pool Test kit will have you manually reading results, the ColorQ has a photometer that gives digital results.

This LaMotte Pro 7 pool tester also comes with durable, water-resistant housing and a carrying case for all your essentials.

A carrying case is an essential feature in a pool tester, a must-have for any aspiring homeowner who needs to be sure they’re keeping their home clean and safe.

This best pool water test kit will test free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and more!

These readings will give you an incredible grip on whether your swimming experience will be clean or unsafe.

2. Taylor Basic Pool or Spa Test Kit

taylor basic pool or spa test kit

The Taylor K1001 is another lower-priced pool testing kit perfect for a new pool owner who wants to ensure their saltwater chlorine levels are always balanced.

This K1001 tester tests free chlorine, bromine, and pH. It just won’t test cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, or alkalinity. It does include a hardshell case and an easy-to-read chart to compare your reading to.

If you don’t know what to do once you’ve checked your pool’s levels, Taylor tries to help with the included diagnostic card. The card will help you get your pool back into balance.

3. HTH Test Kit for Pool Water

hth test kit for pool water

Of all the pool kits we offer, the HTH 6-Way Test Kit is one of the least expensive, yet it is not necessarily the highest quality.

We recommend this product for customers who want to keep an eye on their pool in terms of chemicals without spending a fortune first.

The downside, however, to this kit is that you will find yourself having to do more tests since it comes with fewer strips compared to some of the other kits if you are using them according to instructions.

If you want more bang for your buck and would like to save money purchasing more strips in bulk and not so many individual boxes, opt with our Poolmaster-5 Way Test Kit instead.

Even if your initial purchase doesn’t require too much upfront, our Poolmaster-5 Way Test Kit ultimately ends up being a better choice because it offers a better value over time for customers who like having extra strips at their ready when needed.

4. Jed Pool Water Test Kit

jed pool water test kit

The bottom of the pack is Jed Standard Dual Pool Water Test Kit. This product is a simple method that will give you a complete view of your pool’s water.

However, this best pool water test kit lacks a bit of simple chlorine level readings. It has almost no color variation between reading flaws.

The testing solution given in this kit is far smaller than other brands and products. If you need your chlorine reading right now and a specific type is sitting idly around your home, it’s ok to use it.

But if you are looking for a long-term tool for helping you maintain an understanding of your pool’s health, look for another product that provides more valuable data regarding other parts of the collection.

Such as pH levels, so you can tour your equipment and make sure everything is working correctly without danger lurking around every corner.

5. Taylor Technologies Drop Test

taylor technologies drop test

These drop test kits are perfect for saltwater chlorine generators to check your pool’s exact amount of salt. Note that this is only for testing salt, not other chemicals.

The main problem with most salt generator units is that while they can tell you if the salt level in the pool is too high or too low, they can’t tell you how far outside of the ideal range your collection is.

This drop test kit is much more accurate than general indicators and can help you figure out what to do next.

The kit itself includes a chromate indicator and a silver nitrate reagent which need to be used following the exact instructions on the equipment.

Both of these are potentially dangerous chemicals, so make sure you have steady hands while trying to use these.

6. AquaCheck Pool And Spa Test Strips

aquacheck pool and spa test strips

The package includes 50 test strips, a color chart to compare results against, and an instruction booklet called Complete Guide to Pool & Spa Care AquaCheck Select by Sellstrom is ideal for customers who want a complete analysis of their pool or spa water.

Whereas you may need to take multiple dips with traditional pool testing strips, Aquachek Select gives you seven significant test results in just one drop.

To get the best use out of your Affordable Aquatics products, we recommend that you test the water at two ends or sides of your pool twice per week when using AquaChek Incremental Strip Test Kits.

Generally, it’s also a good idea to write down your results each time you test.

Tests for seven important chemistries: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH Rating, Total Alkalinity, and Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer).

7. SJ Wave Water Test Strips

sj wave water test strips

These test strips aren’t just for testing your drinking water supply. They can also measure levels of heavy metals in a swimming pool (although you should ensure that your swimming pool doesn’t contain any dangerous quantities of heavy metals).

They are pretty time-effective and convenient, provided that there is one small but important issue – the pH levels need to be kept high, or the results may not be accurate.

However, many public pools will not need to run any tests on heavy metal groups because they use non-metal pipes throughout their infrastructure.

Therefore, this best pool water test kit is only essential for an independent pool maintenance company that has a clientele with home pools or runs a private swimming school. The water must reach certain pH levels before use.

8. RUNBO Quality Testing Strips

best pool water test kit in 2022

There are many ways to test a pool’s water. Holding the testing strip in the water for a minimum of 5 seconds provides infrequent swimmers with an indication of their bathwater’s current chemical composition.

The color change will indicate all seven factors, including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine; calcium hardness; total alkalinity; pH, and cyanuric acid.

The result can help ensure that the water remains safe for swimming regularly for those who use the pool regularly or provide information about whether it is appropriate to swim based on an individual’s sensitivities or allergies.

Including 100 test strips with the package makes it easier to track how often the pool needs to be tested.


How often should I check the water in my pool?

You will have to check your chlorine and pH levels regularly because they need daily checking. At the same time, alkalinity and temperature levels only need to be checked once per week.

You only check them once a month for calcium hardness and stabilizer levels. It’s no big deal if you miss one of your regular tests, so long as you test it the following day.

However, if you miss one of these monthly tests, do them the next day. If you wait another week or month, you might have a significant problem.

If this happens, we recommend you read our review of some topwater clarifiers that can help treat serious issues more effectively.

What are the components I need to check for?

To help you discern the best in the industry, you need a few things to go with your pool water testing equipment. The first is total chlorine content, calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH level, and cyanuric acid.

This will make it easier for you to tally them against the ideal ranges. Some kits come with or without additional features and can also handle different sizes of swimming pools and how they’re used.

Depending on the size of your collection and how heavily it’s usually used, you can choose either one, which should be effective at preventing any mishaps that might affect your water chemistry over time.

Which makes it one of the most effective choices for managing more significant volumes of water by providing unrivaled accuracy versus competitors above its price range.

How does the pool test kit work?

A pool test kit comprises reagents meant to be added to pool water samples to measure different water parameters. The number of reagents present in a given test kit varies.

Still, it is usually between two and seven depending on the model, as many variance kits also include chemicals that can be used to determine various other properties regarding the water.

How accurate are digital pool testers?

Some high-end digital pool testers are capable of staying accurate within +/- 1 percent. Pool test kits require a person to add drops manually, which can impact the accuracy of the result.

However, if used exactly as intended and with proper care, a pool test kit is just as accurate as a digital pool tester and will save you money.

Is it possible to use these kits to check my drinking water?

Though you can use your pool water test kits to check out the pH level in your tap water, it’s usually not recommended for several reasons.

First, different regions have different standards for an acceptable pH reading in drinking water. For instance, most experts suggest that the pH level should not be above eight or below 7.

Second, drinking water goes through many sanitation steps during its distribution, whereas your pool water does not.

As such, it’s far more likely that something may contaminate your tap water than it is someone compromising the quality of your pool.


Best pool water test kit. Choosing a pool water test kit shouldn’t be as tricky as it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll be able to find a kit in a price range appropriate for your particular needs. Make sure that whatever equipment you buy is the one that gives you the maximum value and features while having all the little extra stuff that you won’t have to purchase separately.

With the Taylor K-2006 Pool Water Test Kit, we feel its total package, including price point, ease of use, and convenient carrying case, makes it our best choice overall. Buying this Taylor kit ensures you will get everything you need right away without worrying that something crucial has been missed.

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