Best knifes under $100

Best knifes under $100. Whether you’re a chef or simply someone who wants to save time, having a set of knives that can be used for all types of cooking can help.

Thankfully, if you want to save effort and time in the kitchen, you should know that it’s possible to purchase quality knives all at once.

The trick is finding top-shelf kitchen knife sets that will hold up in your kitchen and complement each other, so you don’t have to worry about which one to use for various foods and tasks.

We went on Amazon and read reviews from hundreds of customers who happened to be chefs and regular home cooks themselves!

They left studies explaining what they thought about each product – which helped us identify the highest rated kitchen knives by category. You’re welcome!

7 Best knifes under $100

1. Cuisinart Best Quality Kitchen Knife

best quality kitchen knife

With the Cuisinart C77TR-15P Triple Riveted Collection 15-Piece Knife Block Set, you get six knives (an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 5-inch Santoku knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife.

A 4.5-inch utility knife, and an 8-inch slicing knife) along with a honing steel, kitchen shears, and six steak knives all packed into their original packaging in a wooden block case.

You can be confident using these best knifes under $100 to complete anything from large to small cutting jobs within your own home without difficulty.

Since each of them meets the highest standards of quality that Cuisinart currently has set for any of their blades to qualify for being produced under the C77TR series line.

thumbs up regular


  • Great value
  • Good design
  • Includes a 5-inch Santoku knife

thumbs down regular


  • Plastic handle which can break easily.

2. Victorinox Best Affordable Chef Knife Under $100

best affordable chef knife under $100

We took issue with the fact that this set does not include a serrated bread knife, despite some excellent blades included in this set.

The truth is, though, we were drawn to the classic design of various pieces and knives included in this set, especially the long, thin carving knife.

Although these best knifes under $100 does perform all of the functions of a classic chef’s knife, we found this paring knife to be slightly less helpful due to its wide blade.

The wider blade provides some extra stability to the chef, but we still feel that this blade limits one’s range of motion when chopping an item up.

However, despite this limitation, these best knifes under $100 were light and came highly sharp right out of the sleeve–a perk!

We were especially fond of how affordable these knives were, although we weren’t too happy with having two different paring knives. In addition, this stacking set is not accompanied by a cutting board or block.

Which can be frustrating for those customers who want a natural solution rather than just having their kitchen sink crowded with knives.

thumbs up regular


  • Good value
  • Knives are lightweight

thumbs down regular


  • Not suitable for heavy duty cutting

3. Henckels Best Chef Knife Under $100

best chef knife under $100

What if I told you that you don’t need to spend $50 or more on a specific toolset to get a set of good cooking knives?

Well, it’s true, and while browsing at your local department store one day, you find this set from Henckels priced under $100.

While there are many cheaper sets available, we know that these best knifes under $100 are of reputable brand and therefore will serve any consumer very well for casual use.

For some, just the sheer presence of the knife block and its utensils on your kitchen counter might be all the ‘status’ they need!

There are no steak knives included, but Henckels manages to provide everything else at a decent price point.

However, if excellent quality and an outstanding experience are what you’re after, then paying extra for some specialist cutlery or even travel cutlery might be worth exploring further.

thumbs up regular


  • Full tang
  • 55-58 HRC
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Large set for this price point
  • Very sharp right out of the box
  • Labeled sharpeners built into the block

thumbs down regular


  • Sharpener makes blade edges rough

4. Cangshan Best Razor-sharp Knife Under $100

best razor-sharp knife under $100

This set of knives is a prime example of quality over quantity. The blades are made from X50Cr15Mov German steel and only cost $75, which is surprising that this material is used in kitchen cutlery.

But the average price would be considerably higher. For knives, it’s easy for them to rust and lose their edge, but if you take care of these guys, then they should last you for quite some time.

You get three chef knives in the set, each with a different blade length so that you can use one for chopping vegetables, another for swiftly dicing food, and the final one for all kinds of other jobs.

There is also a pair of scissors included, so all you need to do is buy one or two additional paring knives, and your collection will be complete!

Skinny, utility-style knives can be great in the kitchen, and these best knifes under $100 offer a quick change magnetic block perfect for storing the knives on the wall.

The blades of these best knifes under $100 are sharp and durable, making them easy to hold onto while chopping ingredients. Best used by people who enjoy cooking at home or on special occasions.

These best knifes under $100 well-designed utensils don’t come cheap but certainly, make cutting vegetables feel like an art form.

I would have liked to see Cangshan include a couple of spotless areas in their block so that additional knives could be bought over time – it’s rare to find brands that allow this flexibility at home.

thumbs up regular


  • High-quality steel
  • Amazing value
  • Great quality block for this price point
  • Sharp right out of the box
  • Good kitchen shears for a budget set
  • Very comfortable handles
  • Lifetime Warranty

thumbs down regular


  • Blades get dull by time

5. McCook Best Value Chef Knife Under $100

best value chef knife under $100

Cooks who are tired of cheap, dull knives and haven’t been able to find a brand that prides itself on the quality of its product will be happy to know that McCook has high carbon stainless steel that is made to last.

These best knifes under $100 combine strength and durability, a top feature for any professional kitchen.

They are a 14-piece knife set with a built-in edge sharpener in the sharpening block so you can enjoy your pros the most!

Ceramic is one of the best materials for sharpening knives, and it does not damage the steel, which means you can use it to sharpen your blade without damaging it.

This is convenient as most people only need to sharpen their knives every 6-12 months. But if you don’t want to risk damaging your blade by pointing too often, you might consider throwing them out instead.

The ceramic material that these best knifes under $100 are made from makes them exceptionally durable, especially with steel handles that are more prone to breaking – eventually leading to their destruction.

thumbs up regular


  • Rockwell hardness 54
  • Handle material Steel
  • Good value for money

thumbs down regular


  • Heavy

6. Alltripal Best Knife for Vegetarians Under $100

best knife for vegetarians under $100

If you’re after many knives for an excellent price, then this Alltripal 18 piece knife set might just fit the bill.

This block of knives is rather impressive as it comes with an assortment of 9 knives ranging from 8, 10, 12, and 14cm, all made to be exceedingly practical in your daily use of cutting tasks.

These best knifes under $100 have been finished nicely and feature designs that you would expect from the kitchen created by KAI. They are safe to use on any food, but I must warn you.

Do not try using them for other types of cutting because they may not hold up so well, losing their effectiveness over time through continuous abrasive contact over a long period.

thumbs up regular


  • Steel type X50Cr15 (German steel)
  • Rockwell hardness 56
  • Handle material Pakkawood
  • Classic design and great value

thumbs down regular


  • Handle discoloring issue

7. Kyoku Best Knife for Fish Cutting Under $100

best knifes under $100 in 2022

Kyūku also means flavor in Japanese, so it comes as little surprise that this Kyūku Cutlery Set provides you with a trio of knives designed to help you really “cut” through your next meal.

These best knifes under $100 aren’t made in Japan, but “ultrathin, lightweight blades” sounds a lot better than saying “large and heavy knives,” doesn’t it?

We’re trying to say that these knives are the pinnacle of quality, and exceptional craftsmanship goes into all their blades.

These best knifes under $100 were specially crafted, then treated with cobalt (makes them highly sharp), and feature incredible edge retention – making them perfect for slicing up anything from a delicious steak to a complex piece of chocolate cake!

One customer who gifted this item to their Japanese mother warns you to be careful when unpacking the knives as they are incredibly sharp.

However, the reviewer was happy to report that their mother said it was one of the most excellent presents she’d ever received.

One expert reviewer writes that after two months of regular use, they can say that its blades hold a superior edge and do not slip out of the handle.

They continue to state how these best knifes under $100 are comparable in quality with much more expensive offerings from Wusthof.

thumbs up regular


  • Extra Sharp
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable handle and well balanced

thumbs down regular


  • Rust issues adressed by customers


Best knifes under $100. I know that you’re concerned about the cost of your knife set, but this doesn’t have to be a problem because there are several excellent options available for less than $100. You likely want value for your money, so you don’t want to bring home something that isn’t of good quality, especially when it comes to knives, which can be pretty costly depending on what you buy.

Before going out and buying a knife set, make sure you’re truly getting the best quality – this means not bringing home something where the blades are made with poor materials. The two main things you should look out for (aside from overall brand quality) are either stainless steel or ceramic blades because these two metals aren’t susceptible to rust like other types.

Now that you know what to look for in an inexpensive kitchen knife set, why wait? Go and find something suitable that won’t break the bank! For the best value for your money, read my buyer’s guide. Make sure you know what kind of knife set is best for you! The two most important factors are the blade material and the type or style of knives.

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