Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat

Best knife for cutting raw meat. You’ve probably noticed your local supermarket selling pre-sliced meat inboxes and wondered how it was possible to cut so many different cuts of meat without them drying out.

You would be pretty surprised by the manual labour involved in producing this product, from cleaning the carcass to individual carving. The term used for that work is “retail cutting.”

All of them have a particular intended use. In this guide, we will look at the best knives for cutting raw meat. We’ll be looking at different styles of knives their individual intended uses and recommend which one is the best overall.

6 Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat

1. TUO best knife for cutting meat bones

best knife for cutting meat bones

This knife contains a perfect blend of many soft layers that enhance the knife’s desirability and valuable life.

The only caveat is that multiple layers of steel do not hinder the blade’s sharpness and cutting ability.

Butcher’s partners often complain about how standard breaking handles are with regular knives.

Although the edges are sharp, most such products don’t offer a reliable user experience for butchers looking for tools that will stand the test of time.

This best knife for cutting raw meat has created a strong handle out of high-quality wood to solve this recurring problem and provide a durable option.

This design offers comfortable use and prevents snapping issues that are often experienced by low-end knives.

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  • Efficient cutting
  • Full-tang design
  • Dependable handling
  • Best knife for cutting raw meat overall
  • AUS-10 steel for enhanced durability
  • Multiple layers of high-carbon steel
  • Honing through the Honabazuke method

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  • Heavy

2. Victorinox best knife for cutting raw chicken

best knife for cutting raw chicken

Second, on our list is a knife that would be the perfect addition to any toolkit.

This knife features an ergonomic handle and high-quality construction, making it an efficient tool that offers a safe, comfortable operation.

This best knife for cutting raw meat is notable for its easy cutting ability in various scenarios. As you can insert a finger between edges.

You’ll notice that this knife prevents friction and increases operational efficiency as well as reduces stress on joints when trying to core a tomato!

Victorinox’s knife has a narrow blade that makes cutting an easy task, and it is perfect for small and medium cutting jobs.

Additionally, this knife’s razor-sharp cutting edge is considerably lighter than other kitchen blades, making each cut quicker and easier than ever before.

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  • Fibrox Pro handle
  • Features a round tip
  • Frictionless operation
  • Perfect for slicing and carving
  • Suitable for small to medium jobs
  • Narrow-shaped edge requires less execution force

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  • Only for light work

3. TUO Professional best knife for slicing meat

best knife for slicing meat

Choosing a knife can be difficult. There are so many knives out there, but they all seem to have a different purpose.

TUO is one of the only kitchen knives that can do almost everything with one tool!

The blade is perfectly made using high-quality carbon stainless steel with a shiny and elegant blade that can chop, cut, mince & smash.

Now, I want to leave a word or two of advice to all the other companies that produce butter knives.

Using natural wood for a handle is so out of style nowadays, whether you’re looking at it from an aesthetic viewpoint or simply a practical standpoint.

You cannot allow water to contact your handle; otherwise, it will warp and split apart.

With our TUO Butter Spreader, we’ve opted instead for pakkawood, which is waterproof and does not warp easily like natural materials, so that it can sustain higher temperatures more effectively.

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  • Perfect for regularly using in the kitchen without damage
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t require any specific maintenance
  • It comes within an affordable price range that suits everyone’s budget
  • Multipurpose blade to cut, chop, smash, and mince vegetable and meat
  • A curved blade increases the knife’s efficiency and makes your job easier
  • Waterproof and ergonomic handle allows you a comfortable usage experience

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  • Water can damage the handle

4. Mercer best knife for cutting raw meat thin

best knife for cutting raw meat thin

Having a dependable knife on hand is vital in an environment where accidents sometimes occur.

That’s why the Mercer Culinary came up with their Multipurpose Chef’s Knife, which at ten inches of its blade dimension, is sure to be able to cut and slice through anything you need it to.

The Multipurpose Chef’s Knife is forged from a high carbon steel material that makes it long-lasting, durable, stain-resistant, and perfect for cutting turkey or any meat.

It has an ergonomic handle that significantly increases grip for total control over what you are missing, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

Its tapered edges are great for slicing meats and hams. However, the complete tang construction sets this knife apart the most, protecting the stainless steel blade from rust and corrosion.

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  • Replacing the need for a cleaver
  • No need to hone it after every use
  • A lightweight article with just 8.3 oz. Perfect for kitchen use
  • The bolster is slightly above the cutting edge giving you full access to the cutting board

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  • Sharp edge can cause damage

5. Dalstrong best knife for cutting raw beef

best knife for cutting raw beef

This is the sharp knife for sale for those who select the unit for military-grade materials, guaranteed to be razor-sharp at all times.

You will receive a lifetime guarantee when you buy this craftsmanship from a factory in Solingen, Germany.

This best knife for cutting raw meat is suitable for prepping meat, as well as boning and, most importantly, skinning it (boning and skinning are used as internal culinary terminology.)

The cutting edge is made in Japan with a nonstick titanium coating. The blade on this item has been specifically designed to be a heavy-duty boning knife set.

If you want more quality than that which you get out of most industrial-grade tools, then the V-817 might very well be the right tool to purchase.

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  • Extremely sharp with good balance
  • Perfectly designed for the narrow cuttings between soft edges

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  • None

6. Zelite Best Knife For Slicing Raw Beef

best knife for cutting raw meat in 2022

The zelite boning knife is one of the best knives you can have for cutting through thin raw meats of all sorts.

Apart from the size and measurements on a piece of paper, it can cut through anything with ease.

We like using this knife because it takes care of metals in our hands when we cut down a piece of meat.

This is essential because we do not like getting blisters or calluses from gripping too hard onto sharp objects during a process as easy as cutting meat.

And we can also quickly process fillets, whole chicken, joint separation work, Brisket fat, and silver skin trimming with this tool.

There are many things to look for when buying a knife because every chopping tool has specific features.

When you think about the elements, it is best to go with the ones who offer what you need and not what someone says might be good. You can find a variety of knives with different price tags.

The most expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option out there. They are usually so expensive due to their brand names or some extra features available on that blade.

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  • Compact size
  • Easy to handle
  • Rust and stain prevention
  • Metal rivet enhances safety
  • Rounded handles for added comfort
  • The perfect tool for cutting thin raw meat

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  • Hone it after using


Best knife for cutting raw meat. Well, as I said above, it depends on your job. If you’re spending a lot of time cutting meat, some of your best options would be a fillet knife or perhaps an extra sharp boning knife.

Also, if you spend a lot of time trimming or breaking through bones in your meat, what you will need is something more robust and heavy-duty – perhaps even a cleaver might work.

There is an argument for buying all three types of knives if you spend a lot of time working with raw meat; they offer very different things indeed!

Buying all three gives you the speed and flexibility to trim a chicken breast (if that’s your thing) while also being able to slice through ham hocks or cut sirloin steak while it’s still whole should the occasion arise.

I hope that from reading this article, you are now more informed about which knives are best for cutting meat and why so that when it comes down to choosing which one for yourself, at least now you’ll know which ones suit your style and needs best!

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