Best Cutting Boards For Japanese Knives

Best cutting boards for japanese knives. These blades are incredibly sharp and will make light work of any substance like a hot knife through butter.

But if you don’t use them properly by using the wrong cutting surface to chop herbs or veggies, your blade could snap or get dulled down, and neither is excellent when it comes to cooking.

That’s why you must take extra care when selecting the ideal wooden or plastic cutting board to complement your Japanese-style chef knives!

And there’s this special new stylish copper chopping board we have just discovered on Amazon that meets all the qualifications perfectly.

Let us know if you need more information about it – there are this excellent article details why these can be ideal for any chef.

7 Best Cutting Boards For Japanese Knives

1. Yoshihiro Best Cutting Boards for Raw Meat

best cutting boards for raw meat

The Hi-soft of Yoshihiro is made of a unique synthetic rubber that has many benefits.

The Japanese rubber tree’s sap is mixed with oils and other chemicals to give it the desired characteristics.

Including flexibility, elasticity, and softness, on top of being composed entirely of safe products and materials.

This means that the Hi-soft won’t dull your knife blades as wooden cutting boards can.

Fortunately, this rubber has no harmful odour or taste, so you never have to worry about any ill side effects from using your kitchen knives either!

It’s also easy to clean and completely recyclable, providing you with a longer life without worrying about cleaning up or replacing it down the line.

Yoshihiro’s cutting board doesn’t have any bacteria or germs living on its surface. The hundreds of minuscule pores stop anything dangerous from entering the wooden cutting board.

Which is why it’s notably safer to use than a regular rigid plastic cutting board. The smallest creatures can’t get into the pores.

So there’s no risk of any stains caused by blood, poison or tiny insects who may have been sitting on the wood before you’ve bought and used it for your kitchen purpose.

2. Kikusumi Best Cutting Boards for Vegetables

best cutting boards for vegetables

One of my favourite things is the Kikusumi Aomori Hiba Cutting Board. I know it’s one of the most expensive boards you can buy, but it’s worth it.

It was designed with antibacterial properties that keep your board fresh, smelling, and hygienic. It doesn’t require oil like other councils do, which helps save you time (not to mention money on oil itself).

This cutting board has a gorgeous natural finish, and its surface is smooth enough to glide across effortlessly and sturdy sufficient to prevent food particles from escaping onto the counter.

The knives hold their sharpness for a much longer time than they did before I used this cutting board; they provide you with several different sizes that fit your needs if you’re looking for a particular length or style of the knife or just another option; in general!

Furthermore, the Kikusumi Hiba cutting board is a magnificent and one-of-a-kind work of Japanese artistry that comes with a lifetime warranty.

These best cutting boards for japanese knives are made of bamboo and has an iconic Japanese Hiba design. It’s non-toxic and highly durable. This elegant cutting board is the ideal gift for literally anyone who enjoys cooking meals in the kitchen.

Not nearly enough people appreciate just how beautiful it can be to clean up after getting everything prepped & ready to go ahead with making a delicious meal.

So this faux bamboo tableware is an excellent no-worries solution to feed your family; in style! That’s why we think you’ll love it over all the cheap “fake laminate” stuff that may look good.

But can only last for a short time before cracking or splitting because it simply isn’t functional in high traffic areas like kitchen counters or butcher blocks.

3. TeakHaus Best Cutting Board for Meat and Poultry

best cutting board for meat and poultry

Another beautiful but environmentally-friendly Japanese end grain cutting board from a strong manufacturer.

This cutting board is so remarkable because the wood used to make it survived minimal processing and was harvested sustainably.

Since this handmade product by Yosoo is handmade, the tone of each one will vary slightly.

Making it both an attractive conversation piece and a modest investment you can pass down to your family or sell later if you ever decide it isn’t serving your purposes any longer.

Using beeswax or another food-safe oil/cure will help prevent water damage while keeping its colour younger-looking awhile longer!

4. Sonder Best Chopping Board for Chicken

best chopping board for chicken

When it comes to a high-quality wood cutting board, not many things can beat the durability and beauty that Black Walnut has to offer.

This unique grain and beautiful colouration is unlike any other wood globally and gives it such a distinct appearance.

It also makes for outstanding products, like this end grain board from these well-respected craftsmen.

These best cutting boards for japanese knives made from responsibly sourced American Black Walnut with handcrafted construction in Los Angeles, detailed with what’s known as a “juice groove” feature which ensures fluid runoff.

So you’ll never be left with any mess on your countertops when using it! It also features non-skid feet, which will keep this durable Black Walnut backup steady while you’re working on your cooking projects.

5. Shun Best Budget Chopping Board for Kitchen

best budget chopping board for kitchen

The cutting board on our list is made of Japanese cypress (hinoki) wood. This sort of medium-soft wood has some give to it, which helps keep your Japanese blade sharp and in tip-top shape.

What’s incredible about this particular cutting board is that it’s cultivated in Japan and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forest management techniques!

Typical bamboo boards are manufactured with the most expensive process out of all the varieties.

They require you to use bottom-up, horizontal production methods that only take a concise amount of time.

To ensure that your board lasts a long time, make sure you properly season it and hand wash it before using it daily.

6. John Best Chopping Board for Raw Chicken

best chopping board for raw chicken

As this is an end grain wooden cutting board that has been crafted in the United States and produced by expert crafters who utilise time-honoured techniques, it’s ranked at the top of our list.

This American cherry wood surface is made from sustainably sourced wood and fashioned into a checker pattern.

It also contains stainless steel legs to keep it from slipping while you chop, as well as an incorporated juice groove to catch any carving juices as you slice.

Beeswax can be used to extend the life of these cutting boards and keep them looking lovely for a long time!

7. John Boos Best Wood Cutting Board for Raw Meat

best cutting boards for japanese knives in 2022

It doesn’t have legs because it’s reversible, meaning you get even more cutting board surface area.

You may be confident in your purchase because this type of wood is well known as one of the most durable cutting boards in the world.

These best cutting boards for japanese knives are functional and contains artistry and craftsmanship that will ensure its longevity while also being a beautiful addition to your space!

This unique cutting board created by a small business has been handmade in Canada out of sustainably sourced Northern Hard Rock Maple wood that has been carefully selected then planned down to create flat surfaces.

So your food preparation space does not have any unnecessary indents.


End grain vs edge grain cutting boards: which is better?

Edge grain tops do not take long to become worn and will show knife marks with ease. However, these tops are excellent for chopping and food preparation because they are complex.

But that hardness will give you sore knuckles or may even cause you to cut yourself over time accidentally.

End grain tops, on the other hand, which offer more comfort in the kitchen, tend to hold up better for longer and are excellent for cutting and presentation.

What’s the best way to clean a sushi cutting board?

It is recommended to wash a cutting board in hot water and soap or place it in the dishwasher. This will help destroy any bacteria and food particles that could potentially be on the surface.

It’s critical to pay extra care to the crevices as they are can quickly become dirty and need deep cleaning.

Since moisture may result in residual odour, rinse the board out with white vinegar and wipe it down with a clean cloth to discourage the growth of mould and mildew.

Is it easier to sharpen Japanese knives?

We understand that Japanese knives are produced with more robust steel than their European counterparts.

However, we think that this is also why they may be more challenging to sharpen compared to most Western-bladed kitchen tools.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t hurt your pocket as much to invest in honing steel (global ceramic, for example) and have the knife professionally sharpened more often if need be.


Best cutting boards for japanese knives. Japanese chefs have a unique tradition of using specialised boards constructed from various materials.

This is because if you don’t have the proper surfacing for your knife, it will chip and break your blade easily.

Some of the more common materials for these boards are bamboo, plastic and rubber, as many kitchens in Japan will not have enough space to spread out multiple cutting boards on their work surfaces.

Even so, some of the more modern Japanese kitchens may instead opt for a traditional wooden surface chopping board.

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