Best Bathtub Water Filters

Best bathtub water filters. We are always conscious about filtered pure water when it comes to drinking water as drinking unfiltered water contains chlorine and other pollutants, hazardous to health.

If you feel your skin dry after the shower or feel the skin being allergic after the bath. In that case, you lack a water filtration system as the impurities in tap water form a layer on your body, causing skin pores to close, which leads to acne and other skin diseases.

It’s time to get rid of the issues and pick one of the best bathtub water filters to enjoy filtered water, but before diving down into products, you should consider searching for water quality in your area. EWG tap water database contains data about contaminants present in your area’s water.

After listing out the contaminants, opt for a water filtration system, which is most likely to purify those substances. Not every bathtub filter meet your needs. So, we have 9 bathtub water filters reviewed for you. Check out our bathtub water filter reviews below.

9 Best Bathtub Water Filters

1. Santevia Best Bathtub Filter for Hard Water

best bathtub filter for hard water

If you want an organic way to filter the bathtub water and protect your skin from further harm, you should opt for Santevia Organic cotton bathtub house water filter as this filter add health minerals like zinc and magnesium to maintain hairs as well as great for sensitive skin.

Easy to replace filter not included in it and you have to replace this whole filter after some months of use.

All you have to do is hang it on the bathtub faucet with the help of adhesive strips and let the water run over and through the Santevia filter.

For best results, you should swirl the filter in bathtub water for 5-7 minutes which in return purifies up to the maximum amount of chlorine.

This Santevia bathtub water filter is specially designed to filter chlorine. It is ideal for babies, young children, or anybody tired of itches and dryness after the bath.

These best bathtub water filters can also be used with bath soaps and oils in tubs, but you should avoid using as a body scrub or squeezing it as we have seen many people claiming about this product and they were misusing this filter.

Rinse the Santevia bathtub water cleaner after use and let it dry fully before using it again.

One thing to keep in mind is that this water purifier mainly works to remove chlorine. So, if your water has some other contaminants, you should look up other water filters down here.

Features of Santevia Bath Tub Water Filter

  • Filters up to 99% of chlorine.
  • Durability is 4-6 months.
  • Fully functional up to 200 baths.
  • Very Light weighted; 0.3 Pounds.
  • Dimensions are 4 x 4 x 6 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Best for babies and adults
  • Organic way to filter your water

thumbs down regular


  • Only filters chlorine

2. CuZn Best Organic Bathtub Filter

best organic bathtub filter

If you search for an affordable bathtub water filter, this CuZn Bathtub faucet Filter is worth the money as this filter is durable for 12 months, costing you only 3.32 dollars per month.

This eco-friendly cuZn bath ball comes up in ball shape, and it is specially made for those who are always in a hurry and have less time very much as it filters quickly, which in return fills the bathtub in less time.

This multi functional filter bath ball’s purification process uses Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF-55) filtration media technology, reducing harmful substances in water such as nitrogen, ceramic shell, chlorine and fluoride and heavy metals, etc., using oxidation reaction. Also, it purifies without removing beneficial minerals from water.

Also, this reversible filter can be utililzed for at least a year and it extracts healthy minerals by filtered treatment and natural oils.

These best bathtub water filters helps to provide the best bathing experience, soft skin, and softer hair as this cuzn bath ball faucet filter reduces water quality issues that cause brittle hair, dry skins, eyes, and lungs irritation, and flaky skin—manufacturer’s newly added flow rate extender which reduces the chances of water overflow from the filter.

No doubt that this cuzn bath ball faucet filter is an excellent choice for your bathtub filtration, but if the water contains many harmful contaminants, this organic cotton faucet filter will not work for you because these bath filters cannot address water issues like extreme water hardness, high iron, and rust, etc.

So, you should know about the water quality in your area before purchasing this bath ball filter so that you buy the suitable product for you.

Features of CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

  • Eco-friendly KDF fluid treatment.
  • Preserve beneficial water contaminants and preserve sensitive skin.
  • Weight of 0.55 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 4 x 4 x 3.5 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Reduce water hardness
  • Great for sensitive skin

thumbs down regular


  • High water pressure from faucet causes overflow

3. Luxsego Best Bathtub Filter for Low Pressure

best bathtub filter for low water pressure

If you face water issues in your area, like low water levels, which eventually causes low-pressure output.

You don’t have to worry anymore as this water filter shower head is specially designed for the area having water pressure issues. This showerhead gives high-pressure water output.

This water purifier shower head has three spray functions: rainfall, jetting, and massage, which give you the best bath experience.

Taking about its filtration system, its double filtration system includes charged mineral stones and infrared mineral stones, also known as bioactive stones, which softens water by removing an excessive amount of chlorine levels in it.

This sink faucet filter comes up with micro nozzle technology in which outlet holes are smaller and denser, which increases the flow of water, keep purified bath water and saves 30% of water use compared to other ordinary filters.

Its stainless-steel material makes it rust-free, which increases durability. Also, you don’t have to worry about fittings as it fits almost any standard size shower making it best shower filter.

Features for Luxsego Bath Shower Head

  • 3 operating modes.
  • Bioactive stones for filtration.
  • Micro nozzle technology for high pressure output.
  • 0.70 pounds of weight.
  • Water consumption of 1.46 gallons per minute.
  • Dimensions are ‎9.45 x 3 x 3 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Flexible and durable
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Works best for low water pressure

thumbs down regular


  • Handle is made up of plastic which can break

4. Aqua Earth Best Layered Bathtub Filter

best layered bathtub filter

This 15 Staged Aqua Earth bath filter is economical considering the built quality and filtration method.

It removes chlorine and reduces fluoride and chromium from the water, making hard water soft and eliminating several health issues like skin eczema, asthma, skin irritation, and itching.

These best bathtub water filters have two replaceable cartridge filters with 1000 gallons, and the cartridge lasts for almost a year of use.

Still, the replacement generally depends upon the quality of your water. If it doesn’t have many contaminants, this multifunctional filter can last for more than a year, but it is recommended to change these filters after a year.

The best thing about this bath water filter is that the brand provides lifetime replacement, and if you aren’t satisfied with the purchase using the same water daily and you’re notting getting purified water, you can return the product, and it will be refunded.

Features for Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Water Filter

  • 15 stage filtration system to ensure detailed purification.
  • Made up of ‎ABS Plastic which is safe to use.
  • Carbon filters technology to remove other synthetic chemicals.
  • Weight is 1.14 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are ‎3.34 x 3.6 x 3.34 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Easy to install
  • Economical in price range
  • High pressure water output

thumbs down regular


  • ABS material can crack while shipping

5. Crystal Best Bathtub Faucet Water Filter

best bathtub faucet water filter

This water purifier design is almost the same as cUzn’s bathtub filter, but this water purifier has much more in it. This bath filter ensures the healthier and more refreshing bath experience.

These best bathtub water filters makes perfect sense work by removes contaminants like chlorine, sulfur, heavy metals, iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and other dirt substances from water with the help of an activated carbon filter in a crystal quest filter bath ball faucet filter.

The bathtub faucet purifier is durable for up to a year which isn’t costly as it costs only 3.25 dollars per month on average. The unique drop-down filter design enables more contact time with the water, which results in better filtration and you have to replace filter after 3-5 months depending on use.

This cleaner doesn’t need any installation as you have to hang it on the faucet. Keep in mind that the water flow rate shouldn’t be more than 5 gallons per minute. If exceeds, it will cause the water to overflow from the filter.

Features of Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter

  • Filters VOC’s THM’s, Hydrogen Sulfide etc.
  • Replaceable filter.
  • PH balanced output water quality.
  • Weight is 2 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are 5 x 5 x 5 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Filters maximum number of harmful substances

thumbs down regular


  • Maximum water pressure causes it to fall down

6. Aqua Bliss Best Quality Bathtub Water Filter

best quality bathtub water filter

AquaBliss shower filter is one of the leading brands in water filtration products having almost 29k reviews, 4.5-star rating, and being amazon’s choice in the list of bathroom water filters, speaks of itself.

This water purifier removes hard, chemical-ridden, and chlorinated water, helping us get rid of dry hair, causing dandruff, itchy skin, and brittle nails.

It also neutralizes odors, balances PH levels, infuses beneficial minerals onto your body, and removes bad ones.

The Filtration Process of Aqua Bliss Shower Filter

This AquaBliss shower filter comes up with a multi-layered filtration process with each layer filtering specific types of substances. To deeply understand how filtration works, take a look at each layer’s functionality.

  1. First things first, large particles like sand and lime are captured in sand filter washers.
  2. Stainless steel mesh then charged medium-sized particles.
  3. Microporous cotton entangles small particles.
  4. Calcium sulfide and redox media remove chlorine.
  5. Infrared balls enhance oxygen level, and zeolite balls infuse vital minerals.
  6. Vitamin C balls induce vitamin C and other minerals.
  7. Magnetic balls at the end help nourish skin, nails, and hairs.

All of these layers work together to ensure a premium level of filtration keeping behind volatile organic compounds.

Features of Aqua Bliss Shower Filter

  • Multistep filtration process.
  • Weight is 2.20 pounds.
  • Replaceable filter.
  • Product Dimensions are 3.3 x 3.3 x 4.7 inches.
  • Removes maximum number of harmful substances.
thumbs up regular


  • This shower filter is easy to install
  • Compatible with multiple types of showers

thumbs down regular


  • Customers claimed smell coming out of it

7. Hopopro Best Luxury Bathtub Water Filter

best luxury bathtub water filter

This water purifier provides adequate safety for you and your family’s health. It is specialized in removing chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other substances as it helps get rid of eczema, itchiness, and dry skin.

This best bathtub filters revitalize your body by removing harmful and unpleasant impurities, making skin smooth, protecting the outer layer, and quickly relieving fatigue by a constant clean water supply.

The cartridge has 16,000 gallons to last for 6 to 8 months depending upon the water quality.

This showerhead purifier comes up with deep 18 staged filtration, with each layer performing its task to completely filter the waster resulting in a refreshing washing experience making it the best bathtub water filter.

This water filter is compatible with all showers like handheld, rainfall, and fixed shower filters. Also, these bathtub water filters easy to install as no tools or plumber is needed.

Features of Hopopro 18 Stage Shower Filter

  • 18 staged water filtrations.
  • Cartridge capacity of 16,000 gallons.
  • Inner purifier has durability of 6 to 8 months.
  • Weight of 0.95 pounds.
  • Dimensions are ‎5.08 x 3.66 x 3.54 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Constant and clean water supply
  • Easy to install
  • Fits every type of shower

thumbs down regular


  • N/A

8. G-Promise Best Capacity Bathtub Water Filter

best capacity bathtub water filter

This water purifier provides adequate safety for you and your family’s health.

It is specialized in removing chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other substances as it helps get rid of eczema, itchiness, and dry skin.

This shower filter revitalizes your body by removing harmful and unpleasant impurities, making smoother skin, protecting the outer layer, and quickly relieving fatigue.

The cartridge has 16,000 gallons to last for 6 to 8 months depending upon the water quality.

These best bathtub water filters come up with deep 18 staged filtration, with each layer performing its task to completely filter the waster resulting in a refreshing washing experience.

This water cleaner is compatible with all showers like handheld, rainfall, and fixed shower filters. Also, this filter is easy to install as no tools or plumber is needed.

Features of G-Promise Luxury Filtered Shower Head

  • 10 stage water filtrations.
  • 6 showering modes.
  • Filter cartridge capacity is 10k-12k gallons.
  • Flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Weight of 3.34 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 15 x 5 x 4.7 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • 10 years of warranty
  • Minimizes water wastage
  • Multiple showering modes

thumbs down regular


  • Little heavy due to metal body

9. Pure Action Best Bathtub Filter for Large Tub

best bathtub water filters in 2022

This water purifier shower head is powerful water softening filter that claims to remove 99.9% of harmful substances like rust, chlorine, fluoride, other sediments, and heavy metals like chrome, calcium, iron, etc. chloramines present in water.

With a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, this cleaner comes up with three pressures setting, including rain, power rain, and massage. It also reduces water wastage and provides constant water flow.

These best bathtub filters comes up with two filter cartridges. Each filter has a filtering capacity of 12,000 gallons in its lifetime, which can easily last 8-10 months, depending upon water quality.

Features of Pure Action Shower Head

  • Three pressure settings: Power rain, rain and massage.
  • 2 stage water filtrations.
  • Replaceable filters which last for 8 to 10 months.
  • Weight is 0.38 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 3 x 4 x 3 inches.
thumbs up regular


  • Good flow rate
  • Rotatable shower head
  • Multiple water pressure modes

thumbs down regular


  • The plastic body looks cheap

Buying Guide – Best Bathtub Water Filters

You are keen to get in-depth knowledge of the right bathtub water filter out there, so before purchasing, you must consider certain factors based on our research.

Filtration Method

Every filter comes up with its way of filtration. Make sure that the filtration process is efficient enough to purify out desired particles present in the water. For this, you should know what type of particles to be filtered by using the EWG Tap water Database.

Replaceable Filter

After some months of use, changing the complete filter doesn’t make sense as it costs you a lot. Shower filters with replaceable filters make it convenient to change filters inside, saving you much money, time, and effort.


Durability comes up with quality, and it lasts long. The best way to check out the product’s durability is to filter out reviews of certain products. It will give complete insight knowledge of the product.


Why do you need to filter bath water?

Unfiltered water contains harmful contaminants which can harm your skin, causing irritation and itchiness. In the long term, serious issues like skin infection, lungs, and throat infection can even cause cancer.

How do bathtub water filters work?

Every filter comes up with its filtration process. Some use activated carbon block filters; the others use a layered filtration process in which water passes from layer to layer and filters precisely.

How to determine best bath water filter for you?

You have to check out water quality in your area and the harmful substances present in your water. Don’t worry, as this EWG tap water database tells you water quality and water contaminants as well. After this, opt for a filter that can remove these harmful substances.

What benefits does bathtub shower filter provide?

Bathtub water filters help to maintain your skin, making it look healthier. Your hairs become silky and smooth. You’ll feel no irritation or itchiness.

Is bath shower filters safe to use?

Yes! There are organic filters too. They are safe to use for both children as well as adults. They help to get rid of harmful chemical which causes skin issues.

If you are not satisfied with other filters, use cUzn bathtub cleaner as it is organic and perfectly filters primary chemicals.

What contaminants does bathtub water filters remove?

BathTub water filters remove 99% of chlorine and other contaminants from the water in your bathtub quickly, easily, and without hassle.

It helps to soften the water, deodorize it, and adjust its pH balance so you can enjoy an incredible bathing experience again – even if you spend most of your time in the shower these days!


Best bathtub water filters. Filtered water is healthier for your skin as filters soften the water to ensure that it is chemicals-free by minimizing the risks such as skin issues, dry skin, hairs, etc.

Choosing the proper bathtub water is not a difficult task when you know the water contaminants in your area. We’ve had a detailed review of the best bathtub water filter in 2022.

We hope you will no longer suffer from bathwater issues and keep yourself and the family healthy by purchasing the best bathtub water shower filter for home use.

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