Best air purifier for dorm room

Best air purifier for dorm room. Clean air is not only necessary, but it’s also essential for us. However, some might say that clean air is not possible due to the constant degradation and air pollution.

The most pristine environment, room, or air can still be filled with invisible and sometimes visible particles and dirt that could be detrimental to your health or even aggravate already existing health issues.

Air purifiers are great because they reduce concentrations of pollutants and the top air purifier for large room is one that does purify with ease.

5 Best air purifier for dorm room

1. LEVOIT Best Medium-sized Dorm Air Purifier

best medium-sized dorm air purifier

This Air purifier for the large room comes up with 360 degrees round-shaped design. It can absorb air particles such as dust, carbon, household odors, smoke, and organic compounds.

Also, this best air purifier for dorm room cleaner is ideal for pet lovers because it can absorb furs and other contaminants that can cause allergies.

Its operating range covers a wide area of about 1076 ft square, which can be purified within 30 minutes, and 1076 ft square area, which is clarified in 15 minutes only.

This best air purifier for dorm room also has an auto mode that automatically adjusts the fan speed to detect contaminants within the range.

Its quiet operation and auto mode helps to have a sweet sleep without worrying about the cleaner. You can also adjust its operating time range, and the LED light on top can be turned off according to your need.

The manual operation also includes fan speed adjustment as you can adjust it according to your requirement. In a nutshell, this cleaner is the best to have with an affordable price range.

Features of LEVOIT Air Purifier

  • 3 speed levels.
  • Noise level <= 52 db.
  • Covers up to 300 ft^2.
  • Exact dimensions are 12 x 12 x 23 inches.
  • Neutralizes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens, dust and bacteria.
  • 3-stage filtration system: activated carbon, HEPA and pre-filters.
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  • It is quiet in operation
  • Easy to use touch screen controls

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  • The auto sensor system has bugs

2. Bissell Best Large-sized Dorm Air Purifier

best large-sized dorm air purifier

If you’re in a luxury living style, then this air purifier is the best product for you. Unlike other cleansers out there, this machine’s design look like a piece of furniture that gives a unique look.

Its design is mid-century traditional antique look with the convenience of all the latest technologies. This cleaner comes up with a three-stage layered filtration system to ensure that the air is clean to breathe.

The first layer is a pre-filter; the second layer contains a HEPA filter, which is strong enough to capture 99.97% of micron or even smaller particles like dust, smoke, animal fur and pet dander—talking about the third and last layer, which is known as activated carbon filter that captures gases, odors from pets, cooking and smoke.

It has various functionalities like adjustable fan speed, automated circulate system that provide air quality readings in real-time. Its quiet operation helps to get a peaceful sleep.

Precisely, this best air purifier for dorm room is the best fit for any indoor place like a dorm room, living room, kitchen, drawing room and dining room.

Features Bissell Air320

  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Real time air quality is displayed.
  • Quiet operation helps in peaceful sleep
  • Exact dimensions are 8.3 x 14.75 x 25 inches.
  • 3 layered protection system to ensure perfect filtration.
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  • Easily operatable with a single button
  • Amazing filtration output

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  • On full speed, fan is noisy

3. COLZER Best Modern Dorm Air Purifier

best modern dorm air purifier

If you’re in search of an air purifier that has the well-made quality and works best for large areas, as well as having an app to control it instead of using buttons, look no further. This air purifier is operatable through the mobile application.

This best air purifier for dorm room has purifying range of 2600 Sq Ft in 1 hour and 650 Sq Ft in 30 minutes.

The filter portion contains a large round-shaped filter with HEPA and active carbon filter conjoined, which filter 99.97 of air pollutant particles. You can clean the air filter after some months of use by opening the back lid of it and taking it out.

Just like the above purifier, this best air purifier for dorm room also has a built-in sensor that checks the air quality. Moreover, it has a beautifully designed digital display that displays air quality.

Also, we can set a timer through a mobile application as well as touch options available on the machine. It also has a sleep mode in it operates in quiet mode with absolutely no noise at all.

Features of COLZER Air Purifier

  • Digitally displayed air quality.
  • Touch options to control the machine.
  • Remotely controlled through mobile application.
  • Exact dimensions are: 11.81 x 11.81 x 31.69 inches.
  • Filter contains two layers: HEPA and Activated carbon filter.
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  • Operatable by mobile
  • Works best for even larger areas

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  • Mobile app has some bugs

4. LEVOIT Best HEPA Air Purifier for Dorm Room

best HEPA air purifier for dorm room

If you’re low on budget but want a product that meets all the premium features, then this Levoit air purifier is the perfect product for you as this purifier comes up with a beautiful round-shaped structure.

This best air purifier for dorm room works best for the mid-sized area as long and wide as 219 Ft Sq which is completely purified within 15 minutes of operating.

Like the other products above, this best air purifier for dorm room also has HEPA and an Activated carbon filter which can filter almost 99.97% of airborne nanoparticles. The controls on top contain different functions like night mode, timer and fan speed adjustment.

The filter comes up in three qualities depending upon your needs. The first of them is an original filter which is for essential use.

The second one is a pet allergy filter which is specially designed for pet lovers. The third one is a toxin absorber filter made to absorb high levels of smoke, smog and pollution.

Features of LEVIOT Air Purifier

  • Multiple filter choices.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Exact dimensions are: 8.7×8.7×16.25 inches.
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  • Safe to use and Ozone free
  • Silent operation in night mode

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  • Fan smell issue in new products but it goes after some time

5. Shark Best Air Purifier for Allergies and Pets

best air purifier for dorm room in 2022

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty air purifier that works ultra-fast with quiet operation, then this amazing product is the best fit for your needs. It has six small fans that operate simultaneously to distribute the airflow across the filter plate.

It has a clean sense IQ installed which senses the air quality constantly and auto-adjusts power to maintain the air quality indoor.

Its anti-allergen multi-filter is capable of capturing 99.97% of air pollutant particles.

Talking about the display panels, this best air purifier for dorm room has two display panels on the front and on the top side. The front panel displays the air quality, while the top panel gives access to multiple features.

The remote control also comes in the box, which gives you complete control from anywhere in the room. It can purify the area of 1,200 Sq Ft based on the air change per hour, which makes this product optimal to use for your home.

Features of Shark Air Purifier

  • 2 display panels.
  • 6 Micro fan Airflow.
  • Ultra-fast and Ultra-quiet.
  • Remote control to remotely access it.
  • Exact dimensions are: 11.81×11.81×31.69 inches.
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  • Fast operation
  • Wide area coverage

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  • Child lock is missing


What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier is an indoor device that filters domestic or industrial air and is used primarily to remove pollution, improve air quality and purify the air.

The purpose of this device is to limit the spread of harmful residues or allergens and to prevent asthma or allergy problems related to air quality in people at risk (children, the elderly, sensitive people, etc.).

How do air purifier work?

The purifier filters indoor air and purifies it by removing the various sources of pollution. There are several stages of air purification.

First, the cleaner draws in the air in the room to capture the particles. The air then passes through different filters that catch the various types of pollutants present in the air.

Depending on the performance of your cleaner, it will be able to treat other volumes of air associated with the size of your rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room).

Does air purifier help with Covid?

A/C and vacuum filters can only protect a space so far from contaminants like the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that equipment used to provide clean air has been thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis.

When combined with the use of air cleaning or HVAC filters, the combination can help drastically cut down on potentially harmful microorganisms that could otherwise be detrimental to people who are located in spaces containing them for long periods of time.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier?

When deciding on where to place your purifier, take into consideration the presence of outdoor light. Ventilation is also key in determining the placement of a purifier. This can help maximize air flow which allows particles to be distributed within your home’s interior.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

This mainly depends on how clean the air is to begin with, as well as on the size of your room. It can take 30 minutes for an air purifier that’s set to a low speed to clean the air in a small room.

For greater efficiency, it might be best to increase the speed setting of your air purifier. It will take 2-3 hours for your purifier to make a distinct improvement in larger rooms  depending on just how dirty the air was in the first place.

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Best air purifier for dorm room. Air purifiers are one of the most popular ways to eliminate airborne particles from your home. In fact, they have become one of the most popular ways to clean the air in your home

We have covered five of the best air purifiers for the dorm room. We hope that this blog post will have helped you choose the best air purifier for your dorm room.

If you have any further questions about air purifiers, comment below. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy your stay at the dorms!

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