Best Aftermarket Table Saw Fence System

Best aftermarket table saw fence system. There are few things that are more annoying than having your wood fall out of line when you’re using a table saw to cut it.

Although most table saws will have a rip fence that can be adjusted, many of the stock units have issues that go along with them.

So if you’re tired of adjusting your fence so it doesn’t mess up your cuts, or if you know that half the time it’s not even parallel with your blade and just keeping track of how much space there is on either side is getting out of control, then you may want to consider finding a replacement.

Fences need to be very sturdy and secure so they don’t cause any issues while in use. There should never be any guesswork or an estimation of where to put the fence because this could throw off your measurements.

A good fence should not budge at all no matter what pressure or force is applied to it.

6 Best Aftermarket Table Saw Fence System

1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

vega u26 table saw fence system

The U26 is one of the most sought-after fence systems on the market. This fence system can be mounted to the right or left and works with a variety of different table saws.

The rip size is 26 inches to the right and 8 inches to the left, which gives you plenty of room if you’re cutting larger pieces of wood.

There are different mounting options available for mounting this fence in your table, but there may be instances where you need to drill new holes depending on what type of saw you have.

Otherwise, it’s extremely secure and sturdy once it’s locked into place – so you can make cuts free from worrying about your blade drifting off target!

The U26 is a precision slide that accommodates a wide range of fence models. You may have to drill some new holes on your particular model to mount it, but you’ll otherwise be fine.

The U26 saw accessory is well constructed and fairly easy to adjust for precision cuts when necessary. It’s very secure once locked into place, plus it doesn’t move an inch even after repeated use.

Although the product itself is quite high-end, some of the parts come with protruding burrs from the manufacturing process which could be hazardous if left untouched – you also might want to inspect components before you begin your job.

The system is designed to mount on top of a variety of other popular brands and models of table saws and requires no drilling holes in order to install.

As accuracy is important when cutting intricate shapes, this upgrade will ensure that all measurements are dead accurate.

2. CARTER Universal Magnetic Fence

carter universal magnetic fence

When it comes to table saw fences, Carter Magfence II Universal Magnetic Fence is our top pick. With its powerful magnets and the fact that it clamps on the front of your table.

This best aftermarket table saw fence system doesn’t require installation so it’s perfect for beginners who have no idea how to use a table saw technically.

It can be placed on any metal surface which allows users to clamp it on their work table until they need to remove or change woodpieces or cut other materials like plastics and metals.

You can even customize this fence with T-slots measurement systems if you wish! As an additional special feature, this fence also comes with 16 inch by 3-1/2 inch tall pre-drilled holes that you can insert T-slots into.

The Carter Products MAGFENCE is a magnetic boundary system that’s designed specifically for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and makers like you who are using their table saws, band saws or drill presses in their workshop.

It attaches quickly to your work surface, regardless of its shape or size, so you can get back to crafting without wasting any time installing the device.

This versatile system can also be used with other ferrous metal tools around your workshop including spindle sanders!

Once it’s attached to your workbench, the multiple configurations allow this convenient product to perform as advertised.

You’ll no longer need to recount whether small pieces have been placed past the cutoff point after every cut.

3. Delta T3 Fence System

delta t3 fence system

Delta 36-T30T3 is a popular product because of its three-point lock system that makes cutting rips easier than ever.

This best aftermarket table saw fence system comes with twin hairline pointers for accuracy within 1/64” of an inch as well as clamping points at the front tube and hook mechanisms over the rear rails to offer stability for your projects.

The body glides freely and adjustments can be made using a pair of screwdrivers. There will most likely be drilling involved during the installation process on this 27” saw, but most users don’t mind since they now have the improved T3 fence system installed in their tool collection!

The DELTA T3 Fence System is a square tubular rail designed for Delta table saws, including Contractor Saw and others.

Its locking mechanism attaches the rail to the saw and comes with various features like twin hairline pointers that assure you that it’s parallel to the blade.

The system is ideal for fence attachments with its ability to handle precision ripping and square cuts, as well as quick gliding due to its steel tube body.

Mounting design is vital when it comes to a Delta table saw. The mounting design for this particular type of table saw includes fence, steel guide tub with scale, front support rail One and rear support rail One along with all necessary hardware and locking systems.

Three-point locking system guards against fence movement of up to 1/64 of an inch (0. 4mm). Fence is wide enough to enable accurate square cuts, has a precise guide tube that allows for quick precision ripping as well.

4. Shop Fox Table Saw Fence

shop fox table saw fence

The Shop Fox W1410 has a 50-inch track to the right of the blade. Thankfully, there are long telescopic rails included to support the longer length, which is one drawback of this design.

These rails help support most projects and are easily adjustable once in place. The shop fox W1410 is a high quality tool with added extras for making the job easier and more efficient.

Such as its built in magnifying facility that makes it easy to view measurements and positioning on board templates.

This best aftermarket table saw fence system is designed to last but with a practical design that offers basic facilities within a larger unit.

So you’ll never have to squish yourself into awkward positions when working on new materials as all of your dimensions will be easily visible at all times during operation.

The Shop Fox W1410 comes equipped with a 50-long or 79 wide capacity rip fence laced with a single locking lever cam action.

It’s strong, steel and aluminum fence body works like a charm when paired with the long rails at 50 or shorter by 2.5 inch increments up to 12 inches to the right of the blade which can be adjusted via wear pads so that they never get dull.

The magnified cursor lens is convenient while giving you more accuracy during measurements and acts as a guide when it’s time to cut wood, plastic or metal objects. Comes equipped right out of the box ready for table saws!

5. Ryobi Table Saw Replacement Rip Fence

ryobi table saw replacement rip fence

The Ryobi RTS10 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand is a popular choice among hobbyist woodworkers.

It’s a great table saw for milling and ensuring precision in projects you’re working on, whether professional or personal.

When outfitted with the accurate and easy to operate this simple aluminum fence, ripping through hardwoods or dimensioning 3/4″ softwood stock is a breeze.

The barricade boasts 20″ of rip capacity, is up to 3-1/2″ thick (if we remove the extension wing) and simply drops onto the table saw’s existing fence mechanism with no tedious adjustments necessary for proper operation.

To make changes to the size of your cut along its length, all you have to do is slide the stock into position at any given moment until it stops.

A single locking cam lever lets you lock in your desired length-of-cut without wrestling with exposed screws or fiddling around looking for a second handle now that things have gotten hard because it’s late at night and everybody has gone home.

This genuine part is made by the actual manufacturer of Ryobi table saws and it will provide you with a dependable means of securing your machine in order to have tighter control over the accuracy of your cuts.

This metal accessory is sold individually and provides the user with added safety during operation.

6. Dewalt Table Saw Replacement Fence

best aftermarket table saw fence system in 2022

The Dewalt DW745 can be used actively for various projects around the house, but beware that it won’t fit all table saws.

The DeWalt requires 10-inch measurements as to align a piece of wood parallel to the blade in order to make user-centric cuts with every stroke.

Luckily, the DW745 can be replaced with another table saw fence assembly if your brand isn’t compatible or if your table saw model doesn’t fit properly.

This particular feature is especially convenient for those who wish to invest in a decor option that is specifically tailored to their needs and interests!

The last thing you want is to purchase a table saw only to find that your fence assembly is not correctly sized for it.

To minimize this risk, it might be wise to consider purchasing this best aftermarket table saw fence system which have been evaluated by industry experts and Amazon reviewers as being some of the best out there for securing wobble-free, consistent cuts each time.

These are made from heavy duty aluminum which in turn makes them more durable than other brands, but when used with care they should last a long time.

If you do move your table saw frequently or if you plan on locking it down in one place while changing its location, we recommend investing in some extra mounting pins so as to ensure the parts can withstand changes in position over time.

This hasn’t been an issue for us but after hearing numerous reviews we felt compelled to give you a heads up!


How long should a table saw last?

an average table saw will last, on average, anywhere between 2 and 4 years before it needs to be replaced. This period of time may vary depending on a number of factors – like the fact that there may not always be a need to replace your table saws blade.

Some people who work with table saws have found that a simple cleaning and sharpening of the blade does the trick just as well!

How do you make a table saw sled slide better?

To make your sled slide more smoothly – you can apply some Johnson’s paste wax to the bottom of the runners and base.

This will reduce friction and make it easier for the sled to move. You can also apply some wax to the top of your disk sander, or better yet both the disk sander and the sled if you find that this improves performance even further!

How do people choose a table saw fence?

When using your table saw, make sure to look for rip-fence extensions which will help you cut with precision. If the fence is longer than the table saw’s surface, only attach and latch it in the front.

Though it makes adjusting inconvenient, it provides a sturdy base for precise cutting and is favored by many due to how durable it is.


Best aftermarket table saw fence system. In this blog post, we’ve reviewed our top 6 fences that we feel are worth your time and money. Each of them has their own unique features and benefits, so we left it up to you to decide which one you feel would work best for your table saw.

The stock fence on your table saw may be the reason why your wood is falling out of alignment when you’re cutting it. If you’re tired of trying to align your stock fence, or if you’re constantly having to adjust the fence to make sure it is completely parallel with the blade, then you may want to consider looking into buying a new one. Fences should always be sturdy and secure so they don’t cause you any issues while in use.

There should never be any guesswork or an estimation of where to put the fence because this could throw off your measurements. A good fence should not move at all no matter what pressure or force is applied to it.

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